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Staley Places Third at Pentathlon Regionals(April, 2008)

Frisco ISD Middle School Students recently competed in the Academic Pentathlon Competition and Staley Middle School’s eighth grade team took third place overall. FISD schools participating in Pentathlon are: Staley, Clark, Fowler and Wester. Students compete in divisions based on their grade averages. The following team and individual results were reported by the pentathlon sponsors:

Staley Middle School:

Results reported by Shirley Carroll, 8th grade sponsor and Kara Durham, 7th grade sponsor.

Eighth Grade Individual Awards:

Varsity division: David Carroll – 1st place History, 3rd place Math
Scholastic division: Alberto Salinas – 1st place Math, 3rd place Science

          Taylor Owen – 1st place Essay, 3rd place History

Honors division: Leyatte Hassan – 1st place History, 3rd place Science

Overall individual awards:
Varsity division: David Carroll – 1st place
Scholastic division: Taylor Owen – 1st place
Honors division: Leyatte Hassan – 3rd Place
Team Awards:

The 8th grade team came in 3rd place in the super quiz and also captured 3rd place (out of 15 teams) overall team.

The entire team consisted of Nicole Bayless, David Carroll, Jordan Eckert, Kate Hall, Leyatte Hassan, Taylor Owen, Alberto Salinas and Ghanshyam Mudigonda

Seventh Grade Individual Awards:

Honors division: Karan Kashyap – 2nd place Math; 2nd place Science; 3rd place History

Overall individual awards:

Honors division – Karan Kashyap – 1st place

The entire team consisted of Dillon Brandt, Mayela Garcia, Peyton Harrison, Koran Kashyap.

Clark Middle School results:

Team Awards:

The 7th grade Super Quiz team took 3rd place, bronze, overall, according to sponsor Peter Boysen.

Individual Results:

Persia Abdollahi, 7th grade, 3rd place - Essay.

Jacob Schlun, 7th grade, 1st place - Science.

Ki Don Kim, 8th grade, 2nd place - Math.

Denver Adams, 8th grade, 3rd place - U.S. History

Mason Taylor, 8th grade, 3rd place - Science.

Fowler Middle School results:

Individual medals were won in 4 categories within divisions as follows according to Sponsor Jami Woychesin:

Nikki Kristen 2nd place, Zaira Gasanova 2nd place, Harvak Hajebian 3rd place and Riya Rahman 1st place - Essay/Language Arts.

Forrest Nolden 3rd place, Henry Zhang 3rd place - Math.

Forrest Nolden 3rd place, Shre Ghoshal 2nd place, and Henry Zhang 2nd place - Science. 

Forrest Nolden 1st place, Henry Zhang 1st place - History.

Wester Middle School:

Wester Middle School 8th grade student, Charlene Mercer, placed 3rd and won a bronze medal in Science, according to team sponsor Michelangelo Siciliano. Seventh grade Neri Wade, honors division, placed 1st in essay and 3rd in Math, according to sponsor Andy Crawford.