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Pink Students Take a Walk for the Environment (October, 2007)

Pink students walk to school Did you know that Pink Elementary is going green?  Pink kicked off their Pink Goes Green environmental campaign September 26 with a school wide walk-to-school day, Walking Wednesday. 

The last Wednesday of each month has been dubbed Walking Wednesday and the entire school community is encouraged to walk on that day.  Our school has three primary neighborhoods – Griffin Parc (where the school is located), Shaddock Creek, and The Fairways (across Teel Blvd).  To support the participation of all of our Pink families, Principal Bethany Rowan, Assistant Principal Jeff Anderson, and many of the teachers and staff are stationed throughout the school community to form teams of walkers and ensure the safety of all.

 Once the children arrived at Pink, they were greeted by Rufus the Recycling Dog. Rufus was handing out hugs and stickers, encouraging the kids to make each and every day Earth Day.

"In a town like Frisco where SUVs are so prevalent and neighborhood schools are so convenient, there is no reason we shouldn’t be walking to school,” said Becca Robinson, Pink’s Recycling Coordinator and Kindergarten teacher.  “It’s a great way to teach our kids to be responsible for the environment.”

Pink Elementary is committed to continuing this already successful event on the last Wednesday of each month, all year long.