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Liberty Students Attend Luncheon for Cheney (November, 2007)

students who attended Cheney luncheonLiberty High School was recently selected as one of a few high schools in the area to have the honor of sending four students to a luncheon where Vice President Dick Cheney was guest of honor and speaker. The students who attended the luncheon were chosen through a random drawing from those who submitted applications. There was an incredible amount of excitement, according to Assistant Principal Jimmy Bowser.

Hundreds of students submitted applications forthis once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend a luncheon with a sitting Vice President. The students who were selected to attend the luncheon with social studies teacher, Tim Johannes were (from left to right in the picture): Fizza Jhandiya, Ashlyn Stoudemire, Daniel Simpson and David Han.

Cheney stopped in Dallas to give a policy speech on the fight against global terrorism. The luncheon, held at the Hyatt Regency Dallas,was sponsored by the World Affairs Council,a non-profit, non-partisan organization here in the Dallas/Forth Metroplex who promotes greater understanding of global affairs.

When asked what he expected to gain from the Vice President's speech before leaving, Han replied, "I think I will gain a more in-depth view of what our country is like right now and the issue of global terrorism and how we'll be able to handle it." And when asked why he applied for the drawing for the luncheon, Simpson stated, "I thought it would be fun to see the Vice President speak."

Upon returning the students were interviewed by the LHS RHTV Broadcast reporters who sought to get an understanding of what the students actually thought of the Vice President's speech. Stoudemire confidently replied that after hearing the Vice President speak, her mind was "made up" as to whether she thought the war in Iraq was justified.

In summarizing the trip, Johannes remarked, "Overall, this was a great experience, not only for the kids, but for me too." Mr. Johannes simply smiled, then chuckled, then said "it was interesting," when asked about the experience of going through Secret Service security and getting to see the protesters who came out to express their views, as well.

It is not often that high school students are given an opportunity to be witness to such historic events. “We are honored that Liberty High School was selected to participate in this special engagement,” Bowser commented.