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Clark and Fowler Observe Space Day(January, 2008)

Lisa Brown from NASA Displays Space SuitThe favorite fantasy of sixth grade students at Clark Middle School Monday morning was the idea of a football game played in outer space.

“Well, we’d have to change some of the rules,” observed, Lisa Brown, guest presenter and aerospace Education Specialist from NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Only one or two hands went up when Brown asked who might be thinking of being an astronaut. But Brown was quick to point out that NASA employs people who have all sorts of talents including engineers, chemists, doctors, food and fitness science experts, even people who have expertise in swimming pools or pouring concrete.

Students learned about the international space station and the plans for travel to Mars. Brown did not shy away from one of the most commonly asked questions by students about space travel. She explained about personal hygiene in space, reminding students that there are no showers in space travel and that one has to remember to lower the securing bars in the space bathroom or the person will float away.

Classes also did experiments and observed actual moon rocks.

Ryan Schmidt, who attended Clark last year and is now at Fowler Middle School, won Space Day for his school with his entry into the Space Pennant Design challenge. His pennant design, done while he was at Clark, was a finalist in the competition sponsored by NASA to honor the STS-118 mission. Space Day was also held at Fowler.