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Dell Sponsors Annual Top Ten Luncheon (May 8, 2007)


Derek McDowell and Norm QiScott Greenwood and Steven ZhuFrisco Independent School District honored the top ten graduates from Centennial High School and Frisco High School on Thursday, May 3rd with a luncheon awards ceremony sponsored by Dell, Inc. at Josephine’s Bistro. It was an opportunity to salute FISD’s finest students and an opportunity for the 2007 top graduates to salute a favorite teacher.

The top ten graduates honored at the luncheon were: Centennial High School students; Norm Qi, John Park, Elora Torres, Rebecca Choi, Bryan Giribaldo, Natalie Neal, Carlee Young, Jessica Hope, Karine Neumann, and Shahram Allahyari, and Frisco High School students; Steven Zhu, Nicholas Ibanez, Chelsea Drescher, Kelsi Daniel, Jennifer Lim, Daphne Wu, Kristen Rigsbee, Daniel Barros, Michael Sutton, Staci Travis, and Whitney Newman.

Each student was asked to recognize one teacher that has made an impact on his or her lives while attending FISD. Teachers being recognized were; from Frisco High School:  Jim Wirwahn, Pat Hill,  Sharon Oldham,  Melanie Newberry,  Terri Hutto,  Max Bledsoe,  Amy Stanwick,  Eva Coleman, and Scott Greenwood. From Centennial High School,  JoAnn Yarbrough,  Jackie Smith,  Lisa Barton,  Jennifer Hanna,. Steve Harklau,  Kari Bendsend, and  Alicia Villarreal. With the opening of Liberty and Wakeland High Schools a few of the teachers recognized had at one time taught students at both Frisco and Centennial High School. Those teachers being recognized were Dr. Derek McDowell-LHS, Mary Fiebiger-WHS and  Joanna Cone-WHS. Cindy Brent was also recognized for her impact on a top ten graduate as her fourth grade teacher at Rodgers Elementary.

Eva Coleman was the guest of her student Daphne Wu. Wu has been accepted into the University of Southern California’s prestigious film school. “I was actually surprised. I was overwhelmed with joy that someone would even consider me,” said Coleman, who teaches journalism at FHS and is the executive producer of RACC-TV. “This is only my third year as a teacher and she’s been with me since the beginning. Just to know my instruction has impacted her leaves me speechless. It confirms that this is my purpose.” Coleman is a media professional who stepped into the classroom with hopes to bring more people into journalism and media-related careers.

Dr. Rick Reedy, FISD superintendent, addressed the group of parents, students, and teachers commending the students on their academic excellence in the classroom and commitment to their goals as they move forward into their college careers. The top ten luncheon is an event Reedy always looks forward to attending, he said, because he gets to visit with students and their teachers. He reminded the students that their success inspires others, including their teachers.

Principals Randy Spain of Centennial and Rick Burnett of Frisco High School presented the students with their awards “The young ladies and gentlemen who were recognized by FISD for being for being the top ten academic graduates for their respective classes truly represent the finest that FISD andthe two respectivecampuses have to offer. Not only are they top achievers academically, they alsohave each excelled ina diverse spectrumof endeavors throughout their four year career thereby making their high school experience well rounded.They are to be commended,” said Spain.

“As long as Texas Public Schools are capable of producing students of this caliber, our community, our state and our nation will be in great shape.  Through hard work and a tremendous thirst for knowledge, these students have prepared themselves for the next step toward a bright and promising future,” added Burnett.

Allison Miller, Frisco Education Foundation Director, who is also the coordinator for Partners in Education, was thrilled that Dell was willing to work with FISD to sponsor this luncheon, which has become a tradition for top seniors..

"Dell was pleased to be able to support Frisco ISD's top ten luncheon, and more importantly, the educational goals for the school district. We're proud to work with the school district to help students reach their full potential and develop the skills they need to succeed. Congratulations to all the graduates!" said Jeff Dawson of Dell.