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Teachers on Ice Has Coaches, Captains and Teams Excited (May 8,2007)

Got Game?

Frisco Independent School District teachers are gearing up for the 4th Annual FISD Teachers On Ice hockey game hosted by and benefiting, the Frisco Education Foundation.

This East vs. West “grudge” match is scheduled for Friday, May 18th at the Dr. Pepper StarCenter in Frisco. Pre-game activities begin at 6:30p.m., Face-Off at 7:00p.m. “Teachers on Ice is the one time that FISD lays aside our policy of good will and continuity amongst the campuses and encourages some serious competition,” says Rick Reedy, FISD superintendent. “It is for a worthy cause and is fun for everyone.”

Matt Kimball(East Side), honorary captain and hockey aficionado is up to the challenge of going against the boss on the ice. “It's hard to tell who has more fun, the teachers or the kids watching!  It's fun for the kids to see their teachers and, in my case, their principal trying to skate with tons of hockey gear and a stick while chasing a puck.

In the past, we've gone easy on the West....after all their coach is Dr. Reedy and HE signs our contracts.  However, I'm feeling some good job security this year.  We will take no prisoners!” he said with bravado.

Kimball was unaware that a last minute change had been made and that Assistant Superintendent Richard Wilkinson is taking charge of the West team. Laurie Weeks(West Side) of Pink Elementary School and Kimball have been exchanging email about the upcoming event with Weeks bragging about West being Best and playing for the bosses.   

Mayor Mike Simpson, coach of the EAST side is preparing his game winning strategy to bring home the “Bucket”!

While this fundraiser originally started out as an event for the teachers to have a “fun” time on the ice trying their skill at standing on ice skates much less skating and actually playing the game of hockey, it has since turned into a much anticipated annual event to see who will come away with the coveted “Stanley Bucket”! Teachers have gone as far as purchasing their own equipment, taking lessons, and joining hockey leagues to up their game and endurance. Don’t be fooled however, skill level for the most part is still rated as “hilarious”! Allison Miller, Director of the Frisco Education Foundation says, “Teachers and staff have been calling and emailing me since the beginning of this past August to be sure Teachers On Ice was still on this year. Borchardt and Riddle Elementary have 7 teachers each representing their campuses alone! Anderson, Boals, Christie, Corbell, Curtsinger, Fisher, Isbell, Pink, and Smith Elementary also have teachers participating. Wester Middle School, Centennial High School, Frisco High School, Liberty High School, and Wakeland High School are representing for the secondary schools.

There will be a raffle, Chuck –A-Puck contest, Frisco Fire Clowns, Texas Tornado Jr. Ice Dancers to perform, and not to mention a hockey game filled with action, fun, cheering, and a lot of laughs for all! Teachers On Ice is an event the entire fam