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Ehmke Awarded National Lifetime Achievement Award through PTA (May18, 2007)

Renee McAfee Receives HonorRenee Ehmke, Frisco Independent School District Board of Trustees member, PTA volunteer and former teacher, was honored this month by the Frisco Council of PTAs with a National PTA Lifetime Achievement Award. She was also honored by her home campus of Curtsinger at its May PTA meeting, according to Sarah McCardle of Curtsinger PTA.

Ehmke recently expressed how she struggled with finding herself when she left the classroom to stay home with her children and then even more so when her youngest began school. She says her initial one hour a week at Curtsinger Elementary’s library, where she worked with Librarian Janice Scott was her mentor. That one hour a week led to even more involvement in PTA and her children’s school and eventually to a successful bid for a spot on the school board.

The National PTA Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor that a PTA can bestow. The person presented with this award is usually someone who has promoted children’s well-being by serving as an advocate for children in such areas as education, health, safety and legislation. The funds that a PTA spends on nominating someone for this award are put into the National PTA’s Endowment Fund to help ensure the continued success of the organization.

Ehmke joins several Frisco residents in earning this prestigious award. They are Jo Duncan, 1980; Carolyn Goforth, 1981; Dr. Justin Wakeland, 1982; Ruth Borchardt, 2005; and Richard Kinnunen, 2006. Dr. Rick Reedy was awarded the Texas Extended Service Award, the highest state honor, in 2005.

In addition to Ehmke receiving the National PTA Lifetime Achievement Award, the council and the individual campus PTA boards awarded Texas PTA Life Achievement Memberships to many of their members. The state lifetime membership recipients for 2006-2007 include:

  • Anderson Elementary – Jeff Lillard, Kim Liptoi and Joyce Sutherland
  • Ashley Elementary – Lisa Bendickson, Lisa Little and Piper Worley
  • Bledsoe Elementary – Nancy Bledsoe, Brenda Long and Shona Simmons
  • Boals Elementary – Bethany Rowan and Sandra Hall
  • Bright Elementary – Susie Graham and Lana Levy
  • Christie Elementary – Monique Asleson and Cheryl Stoltz
  • Corbell Elementary – Kim Guz and Kasi Koerbacher
  • Curtsinger Elementary – Ricky Beeler and Jenny Sheehan
  • Fisher Elementary – Peggy Honaker, Dave and Karmann Schackmann and Anne McCausland
  • Frisco ISD Council of PTAs – Cynthia Abuda
  • Griffin Middle School – Kim Carmicheal and Wendy Dutler
  • Isbell Elementary – Amy Burrell and Janis Dahl
  • Ogle Elementary – Melanie Almeida, Michelle Arellano, Susan Burkett and Laura Tinsley
  • Riddle Elementary – Melissa Tollinger and Joanie Wilson
  • Rogers Elementary – Jamie Buzan and Sara Kimmich
  • Sem Elementary – Ondine Callan and Jennifer Duvall
  • Shawnee Trail Elementary – Sherry Johnson, Alex Kiser, Patty Pearson and Heather Wattier
  • Smith Elementary – Mary Adler, Melissa Clark, Matt Kimball and Kim Piske
  • Sparks Elementary – Freddie Crowder, Holly Ferguson and Lori Jamison
  • Spears Elementary – Shara Charles and Kelly Little
  • Staley Middle School – Jim Kazanski, Madelyn Linton and Heather Zacny