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Soccer Association Knows How to Invest A Dollar for the Future(May 16, 2007)

2007 FSA Scholarship winners and presentersIn this era of soaring home and gas prices, Frisco Soccer Association is proof that a dollar can go a long way. The organization’s annual scholarships through the Frisco Education Foundation begin as a dollar taken out of a child’s soccer registration fee. One has only to look at the Frisco soccer fields to know that those dollars can add up over the years.

FSA is just one of many groups that provide what are known as Pass Through Scholarships through the Frisco Education Foundation. Since 2001 the organization has awarded $5,000 in scholarships each year. They began the program when FISD introduced soccer to the athletic program. Key criteria that FSA looks for in addition to the FEF scholarship application and required essay, is records of the student’s “soccer” related service – either as helping coach recreational teams, volunteering in concessions, and assisting at tournaments. This year FSA received a record-breaking number of applications.

“The Foundation prides itself on building relationship in the community with organizations such as the Frisco Soccer Association. Together, we can move mountains in the lives of our youth,” according to Allison Miller, Foundation Director.

Steve Johnson, former FSA president and FSA spokesman, says that 12 years ago when FSA was established, the association began taking $1 of each registration fee to go into a special fund for the “scholarship fund.” Students who receive a FSA scholarship must meet criteria that the organization sets. As soccer has a growing interest in Frisco, FSA expects more applications over the years. “FSA expects to see many more applications from students with excellent soccer experiences now that Frisco has four high schools with eight varsity teams,” Johnson observed. FSA expects to consider the volunteer service with FSA and soccer programs as the most important factor when awarding scholarship.

Johnson noted that students have a variety of opportunities for volunteer service with FSA. Students may help coach the more than 400 teams, assist at the Shawnee Trail Shootout held each May or serve as a buddy with the Miracle League soccer teams.

  From the day that those wobbly-legged four-year-olds sign up for their first team all the way through their high school years, FSA is committed to supporting Frisco youth.

Persons or organizations wanting to sponsor a scholarship through the Foundation should contact Allison Miller at the FEF office at (469) 633-6864. This year’s scholarships were awarded in  April at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Frisco.