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Frisco Teams Hone Skills at Octathlon, Pentathlon and Lone Star Competitions (May 15, 2007)

As Frisco continues to expand its participation in the Academic Decathlon competitions, the teams for the competitions in lower grades continue to grow and perform well. Borchardt Elementary placed 2nd in the state’s elementary Lone Star Competition.

This year, all four high schools fielded Octathlon teams, which are the ninth and tenth grade students. In this subvarsity competition, Frisco’s Liberty High School Red team took sixth place in the state with Frisco High School’s Team A and Centennial High School’s team 1, taking ninth and tenth place, respectively. Wakeland High School ranked 32nd in the state, Liberty’s Black team ranked 43rd , Centennial’s Team 2 ranked 53rd and Frisco High Schools Team B, ranked 58th . There were 63 teams competing in the Octathlon state event.

Pentathlon is the middle school competition level. Staley’s seventh grade team placed 14th in the competition, with Griffin placing 25th,  Pioneer Heritage placing 30th, Clark placing 33rd and Wester 34th . The eighth grade team results were Wester 17th, Staley 20th, Griffin 34th, and Pioneer Heritage 43rd.  Forty-six teams competed. Clark did not field an eighth grade team.

The Lone Star competition, which is the elementary level for academic decathlon, was a real win for Frisco’s elementary schools with five of the district’s elementary teams placing in the top 10. The schools making the top 10 were Borchardt, Place 2, Fisher, Place 5, Gunstream, Place 6, Riddle, Place 7 and Smith, Place 10.  The other FISD elementary schools participating were: Ashley, Place 11, Curtsinger, Place 14, Sparks 21st, Sem, 22nd,  and Christie, 31st.  A total of 43 schools competed.