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Frisco Dominate Lone Star Challenge (May, 2008)

The following Frisco schools participated in the Lone Star Challenge, the elementary Academic Decathlon program. Anderson Elementary, a district winner, ranked second in the state with a score of 20,722. First place went to St. Elizabeth School’s red team, with a score of 21,170. FISD dominated the top ten rankings for the state.

Borchardt Elementary scored 19,924 and ranked 3rd. Curtsinger Elementary scored 19,807 and ranked 4th, Gunstream Elementary scored 19,679 and ranked 5th, Fisher Elementary scored 19,636 and ranked 6th, Sparks Elementary School scored 19,566 for a 7th place ranking. Also in the top ten from around the state were Smith Elementary with a score of 19,270 for 9th place and Christie Elementary with a score of 19,204 for 10th place.

Other FISD schools who competed were Taylor, 18,889 for 13th place; Riddle, 18,747 for 14th place; Ashley, 18,011, 21st ; Isbell, 17,907, 24th; Ogle, 17,452,  28th; Sem, 17, 379, 30th, Carroll, 16,434, 39th, Mooneyham, 15,654, 43rd, Robertson, 14,469, 48th.

In all 53 teams competed in this year’s Lone Star Challenge, where students test their knowledge by testing in various subject areas about specific topics.  Each year the challenge adds schools who participate. It is open to both private and public schools.