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Liberty to Raise Awareness about Darfur (May, 2008)

Liberty High School is hosting an event called “Liberty for Darfur.”  The goal is to raise awareness about the holocaust of our time that is currently taking place in the western region of Sudan called Darfur.  This region of the world is experiencing unspeakable horrors each and everyday. The Junior World Affairs Council recently went to a conference over the same issue and after it was over most students went back to their everyday lives, but Liberty students really wanted to do something about it.  So they came up with the “Liberty for Darfur” idea.    The actual event is going to be held on May 28th from 7:00-9:00 P.M.  The event will feature guest speakers; Elliott Dlin from the Dallas Holocaust Museum, and Santino Athian.  Santino is a Southern Sudan Refugee.  His story is very compelling and most will leave with a personal understanding of what is going on and what they can do to stop it.

It is open to the public.  Seating will start at 6:45.  It will be held in the Liberty High School Auditorium.  The address is 15250 Rolater Road, Frisco, Texas, 75035.  Thank you for your time.