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Middle School Students Selected in Duke Talent Search (June 5,2007)

Several seventh grade students from Frisco Independent School District’s middle schools have been recognized by the Duke Talent Search for their performance on standardized test scores achieved in elementary or middle school. The Duke Talent Search is a program that covers a 16-state region and is participated in by more than 6,000 junior high schools and middle schools. The candidates in the talent search are invited to complete either the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT Assessment college entrance exam. To qualify for state recognition students must score 21 on any of the four sections: English, Math, Reading, and/or Science. The SAT scores must be 520 on the Math section and/or 510 on the Critical Reading section to qualify for state recognition.

The goal of the Talent Search is to assist young people with excellent mathematical or verbal aptitude. Students are provided with information about their abilities and introduced to a network of services and programs. Students are encouraged to enroll in order to pursue above-level testing experience, to learn more about heir academic abilities and to learn more about the educational opportunities and options for the future, and to be recognized for their outstanding achievements.

The following students have been recognized from the following schools:

WESTER MIDDLE SCHOOL - Lauren Brown, Taylor Lindley, Taylor Raglin, Jacob Rimes, Hong Suh, and Jackie Trotter, state recognition.

STALEY MIDDLE SCHOOL – Jasmyn Curry, Grand Level Recognition; Blake Adams, Saipranathi Baddipudi, Matthew Ball, Casey Erbes, Ghanshyam Mudigonda, and Samuel West, state level recognition.

PIONEER HERITAGE MIDDLE SCHOOL – Ainsley Campbell, Alena Quejada, and James Hunter Steitle, grand level recognition; Whitney Allen, David Bartek, Hunter Chitwood, Brayden Efseroff, Thomas Etherington; Alexandra Kirinsic, Cameron Kline, Carson O’Neill, Michael Schwartz, and Kevin Zhao.

GRIFFIN MIDDLE SCHOOL – Chris Bell grand level recognition; Lauren Marks, Breanna McVay, and Nikolas Reda-Castelao, state level.

CLARK - Jennifer Qin, Relvin Samal, Dinesh Sanekommu, Grand Level recognition;  Bhavya Bhalla,Pratik Bhosale, William Bratcher,Nicholas Corti, Alyxandria Hoge, Samantha Jerrell, and Brandi Smith state level recognition.

Names of honorees from Roach Middle School are not available at this time.