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International Festival Day Adds Flavor and Fashion to Student Life(April, 2008)

Priya Achaibur and Brittney BeamonElroy Johnson and  Mimi UbaniSanaz Talifar and Tannaz Eskandori represent IranThe third annual International Festival Day at Centennial High School, coordinated by Elroy Johnson of Centennial and Brittany Beamon of Frisco High School, was a hit with colorful native costumes and wonderful foods.

Johnson and Beamon are both Independent Study Mentorship students and this was the culmination of their project for the year. Johnson, who was instrumental in founding the festival at Centennial three years ago, serves as president of International Festival.

This year’s event expanded to invite students from other high schools to participate and to open up the event to the public with a district-wide publicity campaign. Also working on the project was Jackie Cortez, vice president of the Cultural Awareness Club at Centennial.

The event included a fashion show, Persian performers, Afro-American poetry, Indian dancing, Asian hip-hop dancers, the Collin College International Student Association, and displays demonstrating the many countries represented in the Frisco Independent School District’s student body.

Students particularly liked tasting the foods from various regions. The evening wasn’t even half over when the Serbian cheese pies presented by Katarina Dakovic had disappeared. Other foods included spicy potato bites prepared Indian-style and traditional flat bread and hummus.

FISD has more than 50 different languages spoken among its student enrollment. International Festival Day gives students a chance to celebrate their heritage and learn about their classmates.