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District Enrolling Students Displaced by Hurricane (Update October 31, 2008 )

Frisco ISD and other North Texas school districts, with approval from the Texas Education Agency, are enrolling students from the areas ravaged by Hurricane Katrina who have relocated with families and friends to this area.

More than 208 of these displaced students are now making FISD their school home.

According to the state, a child whose family has temporarily relocated to Texas because of the hurricane will generally meet the definition of "homeless" under the federal McKinney-Vento Act. This federal law entitles them to enroll in the school district in which they live without having to document residency in the district.

The school selected in accordance with the McKinney-Vento Act shall immediately enroll a homeless child, even if the child is unable to produce records normally required for enrollment.

The Texas Department of State Health has informed TEA of its position regarding the immunization requirements. Normal immunization requirements for attending schools or child-care facilities in Texas are being temporarily waived for children displaced by hurricane Katrina.

Students who will be staying with family members, friends or others in Texas will be given a 30-day provisional enrollment. State health officials said the department could extend the provisional enrollment period, depending on hurricane recovery progress in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Any students staying in shelters or with friends or relatives as a result of the hurricane should be presumed to qualify for enrollment in a Texas school district, pending their return to their home state. Homeless students are also eligible under our state law for enrollment in pre-kindergarten programs.

In FISD, students temporarily living in Texas should first go to the school that would be in the attendance zone of that temporary residence.

"We feel for these young people and their families and welcome them to FISD," Dr. Rick Reedy, Superintendent of Schools, stated. "We will do whatever we can to ease this transition for them."
Many schools are raising funds to assist with relief efforts, and those needing immediate assistance can go to Frisco Family Services ( for food and clothing. Local businesses are helping to donate school supplies. These families qualify for free and reduced priced lunches and can apply on line and fax in signature pages and those will be processed immediately.