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Centennial High School Places Second in German Winterfest; CHS and FHS Students Take Several Top Individual Spots (February, 2006)

Frisco German teachers Carolyn Ann Kilpatrick and Claudia Keller report that several students from Centennial High School and Frisco High School attended Winterfest in Plano and report excellent results. Four of the Centennial students received Commended scores on the National German Exam and two are eligible to be selected for a trip to Germany.

Winterfest offers competition in academics such as vocabulary and reading comprehension and cultural arts studies competitions in subjects such as painting and cooking. The arts competition winners do not go on to state level competition but the points earned do go into the sweepstakes points.

Centennial High School took 2nd place in the academic sweepstakes for schools 4A and under, 2nd place in cultural sweepstakes for schools 4A and under and 2nd place, overall sweepstakes, schools 4A and under.

Centennial Winners include: Level I, Cindy Bai, 2nd in reading comprehension, 1st in vocabulary, and 2nd in pastels; Evey Corpus, 1st in duet acting and 6th in scavenger hunt; Dakoby Frazier, 1st sight reading, 3rd listening; 1st spelling, 1st grammar, 5th vocabulary, 6th directed dialogue, and 7th reading comprehension; Alexandra Gustafson, 2st duet actings and 9th in vocal solo; Alexandra Lachner, 5th in directed dialague, 1st in reading comprehension, 3rd in culture, 7th in sight reading, and 1st in instrumental solo; Kayleigh Nicholson, 5th in poetry memory; 2nd in vocabulary, 8th in poetry reading and 1st in other desserts; Level II , Keller Cook, 2nd research paper, 6th scavenger hunt, 7th gingerbread house; Liz Gaulke 4th in duet acting, 5th in club album, 1st in reading comprehension and 8th in culture; Brad Honn, 4th in duet acting and 3rd in photography; Charles Marquet, 6th in poster design and 4th in breads; Nirjhor Rahman, 1st in cultures, 2nd in sight reading, 2nd in grammar, 3rd in spelling, 4th in vocabulary, 6th in directed dialague, and seventh in reading comprehension; Justin Silvestre, 3rd in sight reading; 1st in grammar, 2nd in spelling, 4th in listening, 5th in directed dialogue, 6th in vocabulary, and 5th in black and white; Colleen Smith, 5th in culture, 6th in prose memory, and 6th in scavenger hunt; Level III, Natalie Mueller, 6th in scavenger hunt and 7th in gingerbread house; Level IV, Brent Friedman, 2nd in extemporaneous, 2nd in sight reading, 2nd in spelling and 4th in reading comprehension, 2nd vocabulary, 4th in listening and 5th in poetry reading; and Sandra Omielanczuk, 5th in culture, 6th in spelling, 8th in reading comprehension and 8th in vocabulary. Advantaged Tiffany Weaver placed 2nd in gingerbread house and 2nd in breads.

The four students qualified to take the national German exam are Nirjhor Rahman, Justin Silvestre, Tiffany Weaver and Liz Gaulke. Kilpatrick says two of her students, Nirjhor Rahman and Justin Silvestre could have a chance to be selected from a national pool to travel to Germany.

Frisco High School had three German LEVEL III students perform well in the academic sections. Raven Dievernich took 2nd in Poetry memory and 1st extemporaneous speaking; Chris Nissen, 5th extemporaneous speaking, 7th sight reading, Alfred Larsen, 5th in spelling and 3rd in Extemporaneous speaking. German II students Ryan Wilson placed 5th in sight reading and 7th in directed dialogue and Cameron Barber placed 4th in poetry memory, and Level I student Meagan Riggs took 5th in poetry memory and 9th in directed dialogue.

Several FHS Level II students chose to enter in the arts competitions. Madison Banaszak took 4th in Acrylic painting; Cameron Porter’s traditional Gingerbread House placed fifth and she took 2nd in cookie baking; Cameron Barber took 3rd in cookies and Nate Whitledge took 5th in cookies. Jennifer Morrisey designed a t-shirt that took 5th place. The Scavenger Hunt team of Cameron Barber, Nate Whitledge, Meagan Riggs and Jennifer Morrisey placed 8th.