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Forth Worth Children’s Opera Visits Frisco (October, 2005)

Forth Worth Children’s Opera Visits FriscoThird grade students throughout Frisco Independent School District are being introduced to the joy of opera through the efforts of the Fort Worth Children’s Opera Theatre, which is an educational tool of the Fort Worth Opera.

The children’s opera performers introduce students to the various vocal ranges found in an opera production– the soprano, the tenor, the baritone and the mezzo soprano. Through an interactive musical that is lively, entertaining and educational the performers strive to show the children that opera is a type of theatre that provides romance, drama and action for the audience.

In the production performed at Bright elementary for students from Christie, Smith, Shawnee Trail and Bright, opera singers Tawny Seward, Brandon Poor, and Laura Mercado are an opera troupe desperately looking for a tenor. Benjamin Bunsold portrays a snake who wants to leave his slithery life behind for a life as a singer and musician. The story of “Sid the Serpent Who Wanted to Sing,” unfolds with lots of action and the audience is even allowed even encouraged to boo occasionally.

The children’s opera was scheduled to perform at Bright Elementary, Borchardt Elementary and Fisher Elementary this week to perform for a total of 1,756 third grade students.

Terry Walsh, music teacher at Bright Elementary in Frisco explained the purpose of this event, “Frisco ISD third grade students have enjoyed a yearly visit from the Fort Worth Children’s Opera for the past five years. This unique opportunity allows students to experience music from diverse genres and styles as well as learn about musical storytelling and how it relates to history, society, and culture. Learning about the world of opera is one way the third graders meet the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills requirements in a fun and exciting way.”