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FISD Students Look to the Future (February, 2008)

Staley TeamPHMS La Cuidad de FuturoIris Isles Team  Frisco Middle School students recently competed in the Future City Competition at the University of Texas at Arlington and a team from Pioneer Heritage Middle School won the award for creating the most “green” model of a future city.

Cissy Sylo, Director of Engineering for the City of Frisco, assisted with the competition and has arranged for the city council to recognize the teams at the February 19th council meeting. All three FISD teams showed creativity and dedication in creating their models of future cities.

The creators of La Cuidad de Futuro, Rachel and Conner Smith and Danielle Gervasi, were the “Green” design winners. Their city was created with recycled materials including plastic Easter eggs, a futuristic dome made from packaging for tomatoes, and a canal made from plastic tubing. Towers were made from cardboard tissue roles and the city’s statue was topped by a Lego man painted gold. In addition to designing the city, each team had to research and make a presentation, as well as be prepared to answer questions from panelists.

The other PHMS team called their city Iris Isles. Roland Espinoza, Kaitlyn Bell and Christian Moss designed their city using paper plates, cups and items such as mustard containers and bottle caps.

Staley’s team was large and their Nanotropolis (based loosely on a futuristic version of Paris) included a replica of the Eiffel Tower, a working lighthouse, and was also made from recycled materials. The items used to create the Eiffel Tower came directly from France, according to their teacher Jill Wujek. The entire city was painted silver. The Staley team members include Joshua Arreola, Ghanshyam Mudigonda, John Lee, Sam Phelps, Parker Manns, Allen Mumford, Zain Shaikh, DJ Flowers, Kevin Kim, Nathan Smith, Joey Rayburn, Steven Bell and Klayton Colgrove.