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Frisco Kids Work to Help Katrina Victims (September, 2005)

Frisco Independent School District has enrolled more than 200 new students whose families evacuated the Gulf Coast because of Hurricane Katrina. Most of those children have relocated to live with or near family members who already lived in Frisco.

“We are greeting these children with open arms,” Dr. Rick Reedy, superintendent of Frisco ISD said. “They have been uprooted. They are adjusting to many new things all at once. The familiarity of the classroom, a routine and the opportunity to make new friends will go along way towards returning some normalcy to their worlds.”

Frisco school children have spent the past week collecting pennies, bringing canned goods and holding car washes to raise money and aid for evacuees.

Clark Middle School sent a load of supplies including computers, 50 cases of bottled water and clothing directly to an evacuee camp in Louisiana over Labor Day weekend. Clark has also collected money for evacuee aid. They have also raised more than $1,200 with their Paws for Cause campaign.

Tony Bailey of Clark reports that the Paws for Cause fundraising at Clark has continued and that Lowe’s has agreed to match the school’s funds for Katrina victims. With the Lowe’s matching agreement, Clark students will have raised $5,748 for hurricane relief.

I.S. Rogers Elementary has collected more than $2,000 in pennies, small change, and checks from parents in its Pennies for People campaign. Assistant Principal Kellie Rapp said the faculty was particularly touched by two evacuee children, one who went on the school’s intercom to thank her fellow students for giving and another who, though an evacuee himself, brought his own money to contribute to the cause.

Bright Elementary is holding a canned food drive to help Frisco Family Services keep up with the drain on its resources for the community’s needy. Faculty and PTA members are working to help individual families find homes and get aid. Christie Elementary has collected more than $2,000 in a change-collection drive. Various community agencies have come together to help with clothing, supplies and finding homes for the displaced families.

At Otis Spears Elementary, students took a larger water cooler container and filled it up with donated change. They have taken that filled container to the bank to be counted and are beginning a second week of filling the water cooler bottle.

Gunstream Students are also collecting change with Coins for Compassion. The first week they collected more than $1,400 and will continue the drive for four weeks.

In four days, the Fisher students collected $3, 950. They are also doing a canned food drive and the kindergarten team is graphing the results of the canned food drive to share with students.

At Frisco High School, the Red Cross Club is collecting donations. The office staff is collecting toiletries and canned food. The Girls Athletics Department conducted a car wash drive and a teddy bear drive is also underway.

Sparks Elementary School has also collected money and is waiting for the change count to be reported by First National Bank. Several Sparks parents donated gift cards for families and one evacuee who was a teacher in Louisiana has joined the Sparks staff as a special ed aide.

Roach and Wester Middle Schools have been reaching out to evacuee students and their families by trying to fulfill specific needs of their students who have come from Louisiana.

Borchardt Elementary initially collected $150 with a “chunk your change” program and two students did a neighborhood fund drive and brought $180 to Good Morning Borchardt. Now, the school has collected more than $1,000. The first week of collecting was given to Red Cross; the second week of collecting will go to Frisco Family Services. The school has also been collecting food and other items for Frisco Family Services.

Several faculty members spent the Labor Day weekend volunteering to help with evacuees at area churches and in preparing the old Wal-Mart building in McKinney to become a shelter. Individual campuses, Parent Teacher Associations, and other organizations are collecting food and clothing throughout the district.

Keller Williams Real Estate has donated school supplies to FISD to give to students from the Gulf. New boxes of crayons, highlighters, spiral notebooks, and boxes of pencils have been delivered to campuses throughout the district.

At Staley Middle School the yearbook staff has begun a penny drive. The staff Sunshine Committee has held a food and clothing drive and a $5 Jean Day drive to purchase restaurant coupons to share with Staley evacuee families.

Ashley Elementary School’s Pennies for People Drive resulted in $3,400 during its first week. The school is also collecting teddy bears and clothing.

All Frisco schools have some sort of hurricane assistance program operating at their campus. The Frisco School Board of Trustees, the administration and teachers all believe that community activities such as these build better citizens and teach lessons of compassion that will last a lifetime.