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Fire Clowns Teach Safety with Lots of Laughs (October, 2005)

Frisco Fire ClownsLast October the Frisco Fire Clowns were busy working on Old McDonald’s Farm and teaching important lessons about safety to Frisco school children; this year Flash, Smokey, Siren and Skwert  decided to head for the high seas on a cruise vacation that has ended up with Frisco’s trusty Fire Clowns aboard a pirate ship.

National Fire Prevention Week is always in October and each year the Frisco Fire Clowns take their act on the road, to perform 30-minute skits for Frisco elementary students combining music, dance and slapstick humor to teach some serious safety rules.  This year the pirate ship cruising team is busy teaching students how to use 911, how to develop a safety plan for the home, some basic first aid, pool and bicycle safety.

“We enjoy having the fire clowns visit our campuses,” Dr. Debra Nelson, assistant superintendent of curriculum said. “Providing a safe environment for students is a goal of FISD and the fire clowns teach basic safety procedures in an entertaining way children remember for a lifetime.”

This year’s skit dealt with safety precautions for the use of candles and matches, in particular. The importance of “blow before you go” was explained to children. Many home fires start because of candles left burning while homeowners are gone or asleep.  

The fire clowns may look a bit silly but their message is far from funny. Each Frisco Independent School District student should be returning home to make sure their parents help them do the following:

  • Draw a basic floor plan of the home
  • Develop two escape plans out of every room
  • Plan escape routes out of the house
  • Arrange a meeting place away from the house, near the mailbox or in a neighbor’s yard.
  • Stress to all family members, once out of a burning house or building stay out. Never go back inside.
  • Call 911 in case of emergencies. Families should practice making calls to make sure every member knows how to make an emergency call.

The partnership between Frisco ISD and the Frisco Fire Department continues to grow each year – particularly in October. The Fire Clowns are familiar faces to Frisco children and help establish a sense of relationship between the school and the community. Each year the Fire Clowns take part in the Gary Burns Fun Run.  Each Halloween the Fire Stations in Frisco open their doors to trick-or-treaters, offering parents a safe and educational place for their little costumed cuties. This year firefighters will also be at Roach Middle School parking lot handing out candy. Roach is a temporary home to the fire fighters serving the northeast section of the city while their new facility is still under construction. For more information about fire stations near your home and community programs offered by the Frisco Fire Department, go to to read more about the firefighters serving this community.