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Lessons in Community
Student Food Drive Supports Frisco Family Services (August, 2005)

As the new school year begins Frisco children will learn reading, writing and arithmetic but they will also learn important lessons about being a good neighbor and community volunteer.

“Character education is a very important part of Frisco children’s school experience. Participating in a food drive is a fun way for children to learn to think of others and develop a sense of community responsibility,” Dr. Debra K. Nelson, Assistant Superintendent for curriculum and instruction said.

Each year campuses hold month-long food drives to assist Frisco Family Services in providing food for needy families in the area. Last year Frisco students and faculty collected more than 34,000 pounds of food. Frisco Family Services normally gives about about 22,000 pounds of food a month. So FISD can proudly state that it provided enough food to provide for a month and a half of donations.

The schedule for food drives this year is being provided to each campus. FISD families are encouraged to bring food families will enjoy such as canned chili and spaghetti sauce, canned vegetables and items such as dried beans and pasta. The following campuses will be collecting in these months:

  • August – Convocation
  • September - Smith/CHS/Spears/Borchardt/Boals/Anderson/Bright/Fisher
  • October – Wester/Gunstream/Curtsinger
  • November –FHS/Rogers
  • December - Staley/Clark
  • January – Riddle/Isbell
  • February – Shawnee Trail/Christie
  • March – Griffin/Pink
  • April – Ashley/Roach
  • May – Sparks/Pioneer Heritage/Bledsoe