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FISD Students Have Fitness Assessed(May, 2008)

Frisco schools, in accordance with Senate Bill 530, assessed third through 12th grade students this year with a fitness test “The Fitnessgram” developed by the Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research.

The fitnessgram is designed to establish a baseline for a healthy fitness zone for students. This non-competitive assessment does not compare students to other students and does not place emphasis on skill or sport-related fitness. It does provide recommended activity program options to help students set goals to maintain or improve fitness levels. The assessment measures a student’s aerobic capacity, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition.

FISD tested 18,700 students this year, according to Charlotte Mooneyham, district secondary physical education and health coordinator. Mooneyham encourages parents who want a copy of their student’s assessment to request the information by submitting a letter to their child’s principal at the end of this school year.

The Fitnessgram test covered six areas: running and/or walking tests, push-ups, curl-ups, stretches, trunk lift, and a body mass index measurement. Scores are not made public and will not affect student’s grades.

The purpose of the Fitnessgram is to promote good health.  Senate Bill 530 is designed to gather physical fitness data from Texas students to analyze where there is a correlation between academic achievement, attendance, discipline, meal programs and student obesity.  The data is depersonalized so that no individual can be identified.


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