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Fisher Proves Spelling Bees Still Rock (January, 2006)

Research may not back up this assertion, but from observing a recent spelling bee at Fisher Elementary School, it appears that closing the eyes and nodding your head often helps with the spelling of words.

And as the final round eliminated all but the final two spellers, it was difficult to tell who was more anxious, the students or the teachers.

The winning word for fourth grader Jake Michelech was sucrose. It took an hour before a winner emerged.

This was Fisher's first annual spelling bee and it followed the format of the National Scripps Bee. Jake will advance to the Dallas Morning News County Spelling Bee to be held in February. If he is unable to fulfill his duties as the champion speller, fifth grader Amanda Edwards will take his place. Fourth grader Jake Michelech

There were 26 spellers from the fourth and fifth grades who were vying for the title. The judges were GT facilitator Bronwyn Overstreet and Counselor Lisa Garwacki. Mr. Steve Lawson was the official word pronouncer and Principal Nancy Lawson presented the rules. Students could ask for the word to be pronounced again, to have a definition and to have the word used in a sentence.

The school presented Jake with an American Heritage Dictionary and Amanda received Bartlett's Book of Quotes.

Principal Nancy Lawson was pleased with the success of the bee and commended the students for their hard work and poise.