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Frisco ISD Shines at Destination Imagination Tournament (February, 2006)

Nine teams representing six schools from Frisco ISD competed on February 25 at the Northeast Texas Regional Destination Imagination tournament and Clark Middle School brought home a first place medal and will go to the state competition in Corpus Christi at the end of March.

The teams spent months preparing for the tournament by developing skills in creative problem solving, time management, research and most importantly – teamwork. Working under the guidance of parent managers, teams of five to seven students selected one of five challenges and developed their own creative solution to it. They also competed in an on the spot, “instant” challenge. Each of the students on these teams, from the young children performing non-competitively to the veteran middle school students, gained skills that will last a lifetime, according to their parent managers.

The team from Clark Middle School was proud to bring home a first place medal. This team of six seventh grade girls has been together for three years and they have worked together to develop exceptional improvisational skills. In their challenge, “On Safari,” they spent months researching material, but did not know what their actual challenge would be until tournament time. They had 30 minutes in which to prepare a performance complete with storyline, characters, props, all following specific guidelines given to them. The team not only won first place, they were also awarded the esteemed DaVinci Award given to recognize outstanding creativity. The award states it was given for “exceptional innovation performed flawlessly… the most unique and well executed performance of the day.” This was a huge accomplishment for this team in a highly competitive and difficult challenge. Team members include: Kelsey Goralczyk, Katie Beck, Haley Pittman, Courtney Hanna, Lauren Massey and Madison Rees.

The fourth grade team from Anderson Elementary received Third Place medals for their performance in the “Inside Dimension” challenge. They created two structures using only wood and glue, one fitting inside the other. The two structures together could only weigh half an ounce and this team’s structure was able to hold an amazing 55 pounds of weight. They were also challenged to research an architect of their choice and represent the life and works of this architect in an 8-minute performance. Team members include: Cole Bryant, Andrew Masucci, Konnor Rodriguez and Subodh Potla.
Another team of third graders from Anderson Elementary placed sixth in the “Inside Dimension” challenge and received two special awards. The DaVinci Award was given to them for their “show-stopping performance” of an original song, “I’m an Architect” and the Renaissance Award was given to a team member for outstanding execution and focus in their Instant Challenge. Team members include: Diego Noriega, James Woods, Miranda Noriega, Vik Shirvaikar, Sabrina Noriega and Nathaniel Nise.

One team from Spears Elementary also performed in the “Inside Dimension” challenge. In their first year of competition, they did an amazing job with a well designed and enjoyable performance placing 7th.

Another team from Spears Elementary took on the challenge, “Kidz Rulz” where they put their knowledge of physics to the test by “breaking” one of the Rules of Motion and designed a performance about what would happen if their chosen Rule was broken. This team placed 12th.

The final FISD competitive team was from Borchardt Elementary, where they used their theatrical skills in “How’d That Happen” to prepare a performance about unusual events in a foreign nation where a Bizarre Happening had to occur.

Three teams from Spears Elementary, Smith Elementary and Rogers Elementary all performed in a Rising Star challenge, a non-competitive division designed for K-2nd graders where they are encouraged to use their creative skills to create a play complete with characters, props and storyline.

Kathy Bedard of Frisco now sits on the board of the DI Northeast Texas Region to represent Frisco and is working to help this program grow in FISD.