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FHS Senior Accepted to USC Film School (February, 2007)

Daphne Wu and Eva ColemanEva Coleman, broadcast journalism teacher and Executive Producer of RACC-TV, at Frisco High School, says she doesn’t think her student, Daphne Wu, has totally grasped the enormity of being accepted into the prestigious University of Southern California Film School.

“She is very humble,” Coleman said of the student who bears the title Senior Producer/Senior Editor for RACC-TV and is one of two of her more experienced students who worked very hard to oversee producing nine shows recently while Coleman was on maternity leave.

“Daphne is the sort of person who could get a job today as an editor. This is the third year she has had with me, and early on it was evident that she was this kind of student.”

Wu, who is the daughter of Xiaoyan Lin and Zhijian Wu, has attended Frisco schools since middle school. She says she knows that people often change when they get to college and learn more about their field, but that she applied to USC with the understanding that she wants to work on ethno-graphic documentary film making.

“I want to go study other cultures and work on programs for the Discovery Channel or National Geographic. I think that may have been what helped me get accepted,” she said.

Coleman, who has written several letters of recommendation for Wu to different upper tier schools, says that Wu has been involved on some level with “nearly all our award- winning work.” Wu shows great leadership potential with her classmates, Coleman said. “She loves to edit, loves to write. She is excellent at coordinating a team,” she adds.

This year, because she’s completed all of the advanced classes available with Coleman, Wu is working as a teacher’s aide in order to continue to study under Coleman. Coleman has many years of experience in the television and radio field.

Coleman has the FHS Broadcasting class involved in producing a regular news show and she says Wu was integral from the very beginning. RACC-TV bears Wu’s stamp in many areas. “I nearly came to tears after receiving this information on Daphne. Being in the industry, I know that this is something so many wish for the opportunity to have.”

Coleman says she knows that Wu really wants to make movies after learning even more of her craft. “I wouldn’t be surprised to see her win an Oscar one day.”