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Frisco High School Band Begins New Era (August, 2006)

  Frisco High School Band begins a new era this school year. Long-time band director Daryl Trent, who began the program in the 1970s, has taken his new position as Fine Arts Director for Frisco schools and Preston Hazzard has taken up the baton as the new director of bands.

  Hazzard praises the band program he found in place and the outstanding leadership of Dr. Trent, stating that the plans he and his team have designed for the year are not meant to change the program. “Our goal is not so much change as it is to bring a different personality to the organization,” he said.

   Hazzard has long been involved with a national band education non-profit program Bands of America, instructing at their annual Summer Leadership Symposium in Bloomington, Illinios. Mr. Hazzard is an avid leadership and team building consultant that maintains an active speaking schedule.  The program focuses on leadership building and Hazzard brings his interest in building leaders, as well as musicians to the classroom.

  One step the band directors, including Mr. Hazzard, and associate directors Jason Gonzalez, Kara Hoeflinger, and Toby Leikness have taken is to appoint a thirteen member Band Leadership Team that is charged with the visionary logistics of the program. “We auditioned and interviewed each student. They are all upper classmen who demonstrated expertise in their playing ability, leadership, and in their teaching skills.”  he said.  “We also have Natalie Fulton and Lauren Heiler, two outstanding drum majors that continue to show extraordinary leadership ability.”  In addition, Hazzard praises the FHS Band Booster club, under the direction of Mr. Dan Fulton, for their ability to function at such a high level. 

   The leadership team met throughout the summer and worked on developing a mission statement and goals for the band program based on the four part premise of having fun, staying focused, taking care of each other, and choosing the right attitude every day.  These ideas were then synthesized into two important statements that characterize their corporate philosophy.
The Band Culture Statement exemplifies what the FHS Band wants to be known for and reads as follows:

    We are proud to be a supportive community with a feed-back rich environment that embraces change, values diversity and learns from our experiences. We thrive on creative and innovative ideas, which add value for all band staff, students, parents, and community. We achieve our goals because we are accountable for our contributions to the FHS Band. We have a passion to succeed together and celebrate our accomplishments.
The Mission Statement seeks to paint the big picture target of the program and reads:
     The mission of the Frisco High School Band is to promote excellence in music to build trust in each other, to set a high standard of performance in our region, area, and state, and to develop character and integrity in every individual as well as a whole. It is our goal to maintain these expectations while still upholding an enjoyable and productive environment with our school and community.

The team also developed their focus through the following acronym:

F – Focus on your goals
H- Hard work goes far
S – Strong practice makes strong performance

B- Be prepared
A- Attitude is everything
N- Never give up
D- Demand greatness from yourself
 This new focus and energy will combine this year to produce an exciting and entertaining series of competition and concert performances. This year’s band performance, composed by Mr. Hazzard, has taken its visual inspiration from the Cirque du Soleil, the modern circus show that combines dance, acrobatics, lights and music. The 2006-2007 field production, entitled Mistura da Danca contains a wide range of dance music genres that is sure to provide every audience with eight minutes of breathtaking entertainment.

For more information regarding the Frisco High School Band program, contact Mr. Hazzard at