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2007 Regional Competition Breakdown
Frisco Places 1st in Region VIII and has qualified for the State Competition! (January, 2007)

Last weekend (Jan. 19-20) the Frisco High School Academic Decathlon team traveled to Lancaster High School to compete in the Region VIII Academic Decathlon competition. Frisco placed first at the competition and now has placed first at the regional competition for nine out of the past eleven years! Frisco now moves on to state competition for the eleventh year in a row, where the winner could go on to compete in nationals. The team is composed of:

Varsity “C” Category: Josh Smith (senior), J Goltz (sophomore), and JR Razmus (junior).
Scholastic “B” Category: John Kappel (senior), Genny Vandagriff (junior), and Alex Holton (senior).
Honors “A” Category: Chelsea Drescher (senior), Sterling Ericsson (sophomore), and Steven Zhu (senior).
Coaches: Scott Greenwood, Suzanne Sayer, Krista Wagner, Ken Finley, and Dorothy Finley
Alternates: Symone Gamble, Nate Whitledge, and Melanie St. John



45 out of 99 possible individual medals won by Frisco HS (45% of total)
27 out of 27 possible team medals (9 Team SuperQuiz Overall Gold Medals, 9 Team SuperQuiz Relay Gold Medals, 9 Team Overall Gold Medals)

Frisco had the 3rd and 5th place individual student scores in the Varsity competitive category, the 1st and 2nd individual student scores in the Scholastic competitive category, and the 2nd and 3rd place individual student scores in the Honors competitive category.

Individual Awards
Josh Smith – 6648 points (3rd place overall in Varsity category—Bronze Medal)—Gold Medal in Art, Speech
J Goltz – 6103 points—Gold Medal in Music; Silver Medal in Art; Bronze Medals in Math, SuperQuiz
JR Razmus – 6283 points (5th place overall in Varsity category)—Gold Medal in Economics; Silver Medals in Interview, Language & Literature; Bronze Medal in Speech
John Kappel – 6531 points—Bronze Medals in Speech, Economics, SuperQuiz
Genny Vandagriff – 7079 points (2nd place overall in Scholastic category—Silver Medal)—Silver Medal in Music; Bronze Medals in Social Science, Art, Essay, Language & Literature
Alex Holton – 7752 points (1st place overall in Scholastic category—Gold Medal)—Gold Medals in Math, Music, Economics, Art, Speech, SuperQuiz; Silver Medal in Social Science
Chelsea Drescher – 8047 points (3rd place overall in Honors category—Bronze Medal)—Gold Medals in Music, Interview, SuperQuiz; Silver Medal in Economics; Bronze Medals in Math, Art
Sterling Ericsson – 6140 points
Steven Zhu – 8509 points (2nd place overall in Honors category—Silver Medal)—Gold Medals in Math, SuperQuiz; Silver Medals in Music, Art, Speech; Bronze Medals in Economics, Social Science, Language & Literature, Interview


Team Overall Score—44317 (1st)*
Team SuperQuiz Relay Score—2400 (1st)
Team SuperQuiz Overall Score—4545 (1st)
Other Teams’ Overall Scores
Centennial HS—43508 (1st)*
John Paul II HS—37452 (3rd)*
The Colony HS—33423 (4th)*
Waxahachie HS—30667 (5th)

*--Qualified for State Competition