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Safety Town Welcomes First Visitors (Decmeber, 2006)

The Frisco Fire Department’s Safety Town greeted its first “residents” recently in preparation for the full grand opening of the tiny city.

Betty Grimes, coordinator and “mayor” for Safety Town, and Safety Town Educator Quinn McConnell, hosted two fourth grade classes and two second grade classes from Bright Elementary School on December 14, to assist with trying out the curriculum and streamlining operations.

The curriculum that has been developed for Safety Town is as follows: kindergarten is an introduction to emergency services; first grade is regarding motor vehicle, school bus and pedestrian safety; second grade is fire safety and burn prevention; third grade is bicycle safety and pedestrian review; fourth grade is severe weather and disaster preparedness; and fifth grade is internet safety and privacy concerns.
In the walkthrough last week, Grimes utilized the fourth grade curriculum which covers everything from when Frisco sounds the emergency siren drill each Wednesday at noon to how to identify that a tsunami is coming. The children played a game to determine which weather issues could happen in Frisco – learning that a tornado is probable while a Tsunami impossible.

In addition to showing a slide show that explains different types of weather and different actions to take during bad weather to keep safe, the curriculum also included information on an emergency backpack and plan for households. The students then went through the kitchen of the mock home that Pulte Homes has constructed while Grimes explained to them what the curriculum will include when all of Safety Town is completed. Eventually kids will be able to act out the proper response for all sorts of emergency situations in a real home setting.

“Safety Town is an amazing addition to the dynamic work our firefighters and fire clowns already do in the Frisco school community,” said Laurie Richmond, fourth grade teacher at Bright. “The children not only loved the unique facility, but the information shared in their “Severe Weather” Class allowed them to really understand what they can do to keep their families safe.”

Kyle Clark said he liked the way students could hear when the fire department gets a call and Anisha Patel said she liked the game the students played.

“I was very impressed with how well they did on their first time,” said student Lauren Abbott of the Safety Town instructors.

FISD principals were also invited to tour the new fire station and Safety Town on December 7. FISD kindergarten, first and fifth graders will utilize Safety Town as a required study trip and those trips will begin in January. Other grades will be able to schedule field trips as an option as time allows. The principals were very impressed with the facility, the program, the information that will be shared and sent home with students for follow-up with their families, and the teacher materials that will help prepare students and extend the learning back at school.