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Faces of Frisco ISD: Griffin Sixth Graders Are Angels for Angels
December 18, 2008
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Faces of Frisco

Faces of Frisco ISD is a monthly feature highlighting some of the untold stories of FISD and the people who make FISD special.

Griffin Middle School sixth graders Brady Blanton and Wyatt Donald recently held a co-birthday party, which might be considered atypical, but the most unique thing about their party was the gifts. The guests, including the members of their FFL football team, the Wildcats, were asks to bring gifts, not for the boys, but rather for the With Love It’s a Small World Angel program.

“I thought of it and told my mom, then she called Wyatt’s mom,” Brady said. The two boys and their family and friends embraced the idea.

The party guests brought unwrapped gifts that could be donated to Small World for the organization volunteers to decide which children in FISD would benefit best.

“We got a lot of sports stuff and some girly stuff,” Brady said, his voice filled with shock that some of his friends brought toys for girls. “We even got some baby stuff.”

“We got a scooter and two skateboards, too.” Wyatt said.

The boys held the party during Thanksgiving break between the dates of their actual birthdays. They brought the toys to school the day the Small World truck came to pick up the other Griffin donations.

FISD partners with the non-profit organization With Love It’s a Small World each holiday season to provide clothes and toys to disadvantaged FISD children. This year more than 1,500 children will receive holiday gifts.

Asked if they were tempted, for a moment, to keep any of the gifts brought for the Small World Angel program, the boys said no, not a bit.

“We’ve got enough,” Brady said. What a wonderful holiday lesson for us all.

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