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Middle School Students Shine in FISD (May, 2006)

Every year Frisco Independent School District’s middle school students are involved in activities to bring recognition to them individually and to their schools for their academic achievement. Two of the programs that many FISD students participate in are the Duke Talent Search, which identifies academically talented 7th graders based on test scores, and the Texas Math and Science Coaches Association Competition. Both programs are excellent ways to identify above-average students and provide them with opportunities to pursue further above-level testing, provide information for decisions made about high school and college, to compare their talents with other students, and to be exposed to additional educational opportunities and services. These students in the following schools have been recognized.

Duke Talent Search:

Roach Middle School
State recognition
Kendall Arthur
Grant Johnson
Carley Newlin
Kellen Peters

Wester Middle School
Grand Recognition:
Shiping Xie

State Recognition:
Aaron Brandon
Emma Chibnall
James Foster
Ramsha Jawaid
Min Ji Kim
Sierra Marchand
Diana Roy
Brittney Saenz

Griffin Middle School
State Recognition:
Aaron Chaffee
Jay James
Matthew O'Brien
Jared Ribble
Ciera Velarde

Clark Middle School
State Recognition:
Madeline Cline
Christina Fu
Robert Li
Anurag Matharasi
Brock Mosley
Haley Pittman
Ganesh Sanekommu
Raymond Zhang

Pioneer Heritage
Middle School
Grand Recognition
Travis Schneider
State Recognition
Travis Schneider
Tamara Bouma
Yana Gololobova
Asanga Jayatilaka
Nicole Martin

Staley Middle School
State Recognition
Jacqueline Abuda
Tracey Bark

Math/Science Teams competed at the state TMSCA competition in mid-April in San Antonio. Thirty-eight schools were represented in the 4A division. More than 500 students competed. Teams were comprised of the top 4 student scores.

Clark Middle School

6th grade:
Bhavya Bhalla placed 23rd in number sense, 38th in math and 7th in science.
Nicholas Corti placed 8th in math and 4th in science.
Lauren Harvey placed 10th in science.
Thomas Hsu placed 64th in number sense.
Chandni Parikh placed 77th in number sense.
Jennifer qin placed 52nd in number sense and 44th in science.
Dinesh Sanekommu placed 3rd in number sense and 37th in calculator, 14th in math and 6th in science.

7th grade:
Alex Carrillo placed 31st Number Sense.
Madeline Cline placed 3rd in Science.
Robert Li placed 21st Science.
Alex Masucci placed 23rd in Science.
Anurag Mathurasi placed 40th in Number Sense and 33rd in Math.
Kishan Nayak placed 34th in Science.
Ganesh Sanekommu placed 5th in Number Sense, 6th in Math and 23rd in Science.
Raymond Zhang placed 52nd in Science.

8th grade:
Praveen Sevugan placed 12th in Number Sense and 9th in General Math.

Team Scores:
Number Sense Team – 4th place
Calculator Team – 22nd place
Math Team – 6th place
Science Team – 8th place
Sweepstakes – 8th place


Wester Middle School

6th Grade:
Taylor Raglin placed 8th in Science.

7th Grade:
Nick Smith placed 15th in Science.
Eric Womboldt placed 19th in Science.
Allen Wu placed 2nd in Science.
Min Ji Kim placed 14th in Math and 19th Number Sense.
Joshua Spigel

8th Grade:
Josh Womboldt placed 9th in Science.

6th grader Kaycie Lanpher placed 31st in Science.

Team Scores:
Number Sense Team – 26th place
Math Team – 18th place
Science Team – 4th place
Sweepstakes – 24th place

Staley Middle School

6th Grade:
Blake Adams placed 53rd in Number Sense.
David Carroll placed 70th in Number Sense.
Justin Roberts – placed 71st in Number Sense.
Emma Sivado – placed 73rd in Number Sense and 49th in Calculator.

7th Grade:
Tracy Bark – placed 51st Number Sense, 27th Calculator and 21st in Math.
Ali Martin placed 28th Science.
Morgan McGlossan placed 28th in Science.
James Salmon – placed 36th in Math.

8th Grade:
Michael Carroll – placed 58th in Number Sense, placed 34th in Calculator, and 51st in Math.
Frank DePaolo placed 36th in Math.

Team Scores:
Number Sense Team – 20th place
Calculator Team – 16th place
Math Team – 17th place
Science Team – 23rd Place
Sweepstakes – 17th place

Pioneer Middle School

Sixth Grade:
Thomas Etherington placed 20th in Science.
Kevin Zhao placed 41st in Science and 7th in Math.
Cameron Kline placed 21st in Science and 60th in Number Sense.
Hunter Steitle placed 16th in Math, 14th in Number Sense and 43rd in Science.
Brayden Efseroff placed 22nd in Number Sense and 13th in Science.
Christopher Johnson placed 5th in Math and 5th in Science.

8th Grade - John Sarmiento placed 19th in Science and 40th in Math
Zach Muse placed 20th in Science.

Team Scores
Number Sense Team – 21st place
Math Team – 14th place
Science Team – 10th place
Sweepstakes – 19th place

Roach and Griffin Middle Schools did not send a team to state.