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Diversity Day at Fisher Elementary a Huge Success (January, 2007)

"Take a walk in someone else's shoes," was the theme of the diversity day event at Fisher Elementary on Tuesday, January 30.

On this day, students at Fisher Elementary were able to experience a variety of learning and life challenges through interactive stations. Stations were led by FISD's own therapists. Colleen Kugler, Life Skills Teacher at Fisher Elementary, had the vision that brought this day to Fisher.

"When I was a student we took a field trip to Boston College and experienced a day such as this, " Ms. Kugler said. "It had a great impact on me and I wanted that type of opportunity for our students here at Fisher."

Stations were set up in the gym and library and students experienced at least five stations. They learned about, and experienced through simulation activities, what it might be like to have autism, dyslexia, asthma, auditory impairments, cerebral palsy, visual impairments or motor impairments. Research and study was also conducted in the week prior to the event.

Principal Nancy Lawson said that Ms. Kugler made a short video to begin and set the tone for the day that discussed that we all have challenges that we face and this day would give students an opportunity to walk in someone else's shoes and experience the challenges that others may face every day.

"Through this type of understanding, we can develop acceptance and compassion and learn more about ourselves in the process," she added. "I could not be more pleased with this effort, we celebrate our diversity each day at Fisher and our lives are enriched immeasurably."