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Curtsinger Has Gone to the Dogs To Help Children with Reading (May, 2008)

Therapy Dogs Help with Reading SkillsCurtsinger Has Gone to the Dogs! The school recently began piloting an after-school program that pairs up kids and dogs as a winning combination.

Heart of Texas Therapy Dogs are coming to the school one day a week for the rest of the school year to help children build their reading fluency and their confidence.

Those involved with the program have noticed after just one session that students are opening up and are excited about coming and reading to the dogs. More progress is expected after each session and the hope of organizers is that the successes will merit a continuation and expansion in the school system and in other districts. Therapy dogs are trained and are registered for their skills and their temperament.

On Thursday, May 15, a long-haired German Shepherd, a Labrador Retriever and a Saluki were the recipient of much love, attention and storytime. And they gave as good as they received. Organizers believe in the benefits of this type of therapy and interaction and are very excited about the possibilities in the school environment.