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February Marks 60th Anniversary of Former Superintendent’s Death (February, 2006)

W.W. CooleyW.W. Cooley served as superintendent of Frisco Schools for four years in the 1940s, passing away Feb. 23, 1946, of a heart attack. His death devastated the students of the Frisco schools, according to Sonny and Joanne McSpedden who were high school students at the time.

“Everybody loved Mr. Cooley,” Joanne McSpedden recalls, adding that it seemed as if everyone from school attended his funeral. Cooley Field, located north of the Maple Street Complex where Cooley once had his office, is named in his honor but few people in Frisco now remember this remarkable educator.

“He taught classes,” Sonny McSpedden said, “He taught history and biology and he coached, too. He was an assistant coach. He drove part of the basketball team to games in his car.”

Retired typing teacher Wilma Fisher has long told of the hard days of World War II when Cooley repaired her broken typewriters with toothpicks because there were no new typewriters available and everything was being conserved for the war effort. In his superintendent’s message in the 1945 yearbook, Cooley honored the Frisco “boys and girls in the armed services of our country,” and told his students that the “spirit of friendship and cooperation developed the last few years at Frisco should inspire us to face the future with optimism and anticipation.” Ironically, his words could easily apply to today’s Frisco students.