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Frisco Elementary Children Consider Future Options During College Week (May, 2008)

Class of 2019 bulletin board at MooneyhamGiving kids a view of UT and A&M with Buddy Minett, school board member, and Nancy Neal, Robertson counselorBrenda Russell, district Director of Guidance and Counseling, reports that a district-wide College Week at the elementary level was a fun and educational experience for both students and teachers during May 19 through 22.

Russell states that the purpose of college week, which included guest speakers, special bulletin boards, art projects and classroom discussion, was to get children thinking about the future. Counselors have been in the classrooms talking about colleges and that preparing to go to college begins in elementary school with the formation of strong study habits and setting educational goals.

“We hope parents will talk about college at home with their children and discuss family plans for the future,” Russell explained. Part of college week also included discussions of career and training options for people who do not attend traditional college.

Some students have studied a specific college in their classroom, making pennants or reading books about the institution. Teachers have shared experiences about their colleges with students, and outside speakers including administrators and school board members have also visited campuses.

The many Texas A&M University graduates within the Frisco Independent School District were particularly active on some campuses during the week, making Aggie bulletin boards or teaching students Aggie cheers, Russell noted.

The counselors will continue to provide classroom guidance lessons on college through the end of school, Russell said.