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Clark Middle School Celebrates Diverse Cultures (March, 2008)

The Mehta FamilyThe Clark Middle School PTA members were very pleased with the school’s first multi-cultural night, which was held February 28 in the school cafeteria.

The program included performances by the Clark Jazz Band, a performance of The Ogre’s Staircase, a Japanese folktale by the theater arts students, and a showcase of posters, foods, masks, jewelry and photos from countries such as China, France, India, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa and the United States. The countries represented the cultural heritage of the students enrolled at Clark. Many FISD campuses host multi-cultural events throughout the year to encourage students’ interest in the world and its people.

Choir Director Allan Strickland led the choir in songs from the United States and Africa. He described the choir’s selections as folk songs and African American Spirituals. The songs included:

1. Kabo - African Folk Song

2. What Can One Little Person Do - American Folk Song

3. Shut De Do - (Modern) in the style of the African American Spiritual

4. Let the River Run - Pop Song - Inspirational.