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Centennial High School AcDec Team Pleased with 2nd Place State Results (March, 2006)

Centennial High School AcDec TeamIn San Antonio, February 24-25, the Centennial High School Academic Decathlon team excelled in the Texas Academic Decathlon State Competition, finishing 2nd overall among all 4A schools. This accomplishment earned every team member an $800 scholarship. The team was also crowned State Champions in the Super Quiz Relay, as well as finished 2nd in the Overall Super Quiz Team competition. Individually, the team had 41 Top 10 finishes, of which 13 where individual medals, 2 Gold, 5 Silver, and 6 Bronze.

Centennial High School team members are from Left to Right
Analisa Packham (alternate), Carlee Young, Alex Kleinschmidt, Stephanie Holthaus, Sadie Fossitt, Yingda Bi, Jon Mark Howeth, An Qi, Anna Bashmakov, Lizzy Crow, and Michael Brown (alternate)

Frisco High School’s team placed 5th in the 4A school division, putting both of Frisco’s high school teams in the top five category.

“To me, this is an awesome accomplishment. Texas is one of the most competitive states in Academic Decathlon. For our team to finish 2nd in the state, in only its third year of competing and on our first trip to the state competition, is fantastic! Historically in Texas, a handful of teams, Frisco High included, have been competing for the top five positions in 4A. I think we surprised a lot of teams, but we didn’t surprise ourselves. The students ‘believed and achieved’…all the credit and recognition should go to them. They are the ones who made this happen.” says head coach Dr. Derek McDowell.

Team members are Carlee Young (junior), An Qi (junior), and Linda Bi (senior) in the Honors division, Stephanie Holthaus (junior), Anna Bashmakov (sophomore), and Lizzy Crow (senior) in the Scholastic division, and Sadie Fossitt (senior), Alex Kleinschmidt (junior), and Jon Mark Howeth (senior) in the Varsity division. Team alternates were Analisa Packham and Michael Brown. The team is coached by Derek McDowell, Joanna Cone, and Steve Cone.

Ranking of Team Overall Scores

Friendswood HS 44,667.6
Centennial HS 41,314.4
New Caney HS 41,080.6
Hebron HS 41,028.1
Frisco HS 40,580.7
Foster HS 40,428.1
Montgomery HS 39.380.3
Alice HS 39,089.3
Pine Tree HS 38,882.8
Boerne HS 36,502.4

Individual Event Medals (out of 75 students per division)

In the Varsity Division

Sadie Fossitt (2 Top 10 finishes)
6th in Music, Bronze in Interview

Alex Kleinschmidt (4 Top 10 finishes)
6th in Music and Science. 4th in Mathematics and Essay.

Jon Mark Howeth (5th place overall, earned $750 scholarship) (7 Top 10 finishes)
9th in Essay, 8th in Music, 7th in Language/Literature, 4th in Science and Economics, Silver in Speech and Interview

In the Scholastic Division

Anna Bashmakov
Gold Medal State Champion in Essay

Stephanie Holthaus (4 Top 10 finishes)
9th in Language/Literature, 7th in Super Quiz, 6th in Music, 5th in Essay.

Lizzy Crow (6th place overall)
8th in Science, 5th in Art, (6 Top 10 finishes) 6th in Mathematics and Economics, Bronze in Super Quiz, Silver in Music

In the Honors Division

Carlee Young
Gold Medal State Champion in Speech

Linda Bi (6th place overall) (7 Top 10 finishes)
8th in Music, 6th in Super Quiz, 7th in Language/Literature and Mathematics, 5th in Science and Art, 4th in Economics

An Qi (2nd place overall, earned $2500 scholarship) (8 Top 10 finishes)
6th in Essay, 5th in Super Quiz, Bronze in Language/Literature and Art, Bronze in Mathematics and Economics, Silver in Music and Science