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I.S. Rogers Takes Top Honors at Annual Chili Challenge (November, 2005)

Rogers ElementaryBright ElementaryBright Elementary
The Rogers' Country Store team took home first place at the annual Chili Challenge. From left are Principal Susie Nesmith, Mari Raley, Melissa Dinger, Patti Cozart and Martha Byrd. Bright had bling this year and took home a shiny third place trophy. From left are Lisa Dominy, Lynn Rhodes and Principal J'Lynn Anderson.
Kiana Cornell and Mari Gevat serve up Sparks Elementary School's "nerdy" Napolean Dynamite chili and get second place.
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The Frisco Education Foundation volunteers had prepared 900 ballots to be used at the annual Chili Challenge fundraiser but so many people turned out for the event they had toimprovise and make more ballots Friday night at Staley Middle School.

The top contenders of the event went taste bud to taste bud with I.S. Rogers Elementary finally taking the lead over Izetta Sparks Elementary. Third place was won by Ida Lee Bright Elementary School’s Million Dollar Chili. Last year’s winner, Dr. Rick Reedy, did not place this year but ran out of his popular chili while many people were still waiting to try it. “Well, he always gives out a very full bowl,” one disappointed chili fan observed when she was told he was all out.

The chili challenge proceeds go to funding the Sue Stafford Scholarship, a FEF scholarship that is given out each year.  More than $5,400 was raised through ticket sales and a drawing for FC Dallas tickets. The tickets were won by Cheryl Salmon, counselor at Sparks Elementary School. She held the winning ticket with the last three numbers of 402.

There were at least 20 booths entered in this year’s event. The many creative themes included Spark’s homage to the movie Napoleon Dynamite, Riddle’s fifties theme was complete  Elvis impersonator, Borchardt’s principal Betty King a.k.a. Glenda the Good and her staff of pointy hat-wearing cooks oversaw a caldron of Wicked Chili, and host Staley’s red brick schoolhouse honored Frisco’s heritage.

The chili challenge is always held in November. Chili lovers who missed this year’s event should be sure to attend next year’s event or even enter it. The event is open to the public with all proceeds going to FEF.