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FEF Chili Challenge: Tasting Room Only (November, 2006)



The annual FEF Chili Challenge, which funds the Sue Stafford Scholarship, was a big success this year bringing in right at $9,000 and bringing some really fine chili cooks together.

“Ashley came in first with 619 votes, Sparks came in second with 231 votes, and Rogers came in third with 180 votes. Spears came in close behind Rogers with 143 votes,” reported Melissa Fouche, who served as this year’s challenge coordinator. “There were so many awesome presentations/themes. This year Ogle Elementary won best presentation for their Ogle Corral.”

Fisher Elementary didn’t win this year but not from lack of comments about the deliciousness of their chili. Fisher’s chili cook is Chef Vogeli of III Forks restaurant who is also the father of Chase Vogeli, a third grader at Fisher. “Patrons who have tasted Fisher’s Chili at the Chili Cookoff rave about it,” reported Nancy Lawson, principal. Another chili that received a lot of comments was the KEYS Program chili, which was a white chicken chili made from a recipe from a popular Waxahachie restaurant.

“Big thanks go out to all the teams that participated, all of you who came out to taste chili, and all of the technology department volunteers who ran the event. We couldn't have a chili challenge without you,” Fouche said.