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Middle School Career Day (November, 2006)











Friday before a holiday is always a challenge for middle school teachers – either kids are leaving early to go on family trips or they are so excited about the upcoming break they can’t concentrate – but Wester and Staley Middle School solved the issue of  keeping their students attentive by scheduling the annual career day speakers for November 17.

Both schools invited a wide mix of professionals and technicians to speak to students about their jobs, the education required to do the job and the reasons they like what they do.

An airline pilot went to the dry erase board to draw a diagram and explained to Wester  students how he uses to land planes. Judge Robert Francis came in his judicial robes and took the opportunity to mix information about his job with real life anecdotal information about the consequences young people have faced after making bad decisions – such as speeding in a car to impress a date.

Wester counselors had arranged for a motorcycle painter to come and talk to students. Several boys signed up to listen to the speaker, but the painter had to cancel because of illness and the speakers left to take the spot were cosmetologists from McKinney.

Stepping in on the cosmetology lesson, the ladies had adapted their talk to their audience with ease. “If you go to cosmetology school and get your license, you can get all the guys you know from the football team coming to you for their haircuts. You will have a steady job with a guaranteed income while you go to college,” one of the ladies explained. “And men get more than haircuts, they get highlights – some of you have highlights.”

Staley Middle School had the Life Star Helicopter pilot who is also an emergency medical technician and fire fighter land at the school. Staley also had familiar faces such as Coach Ronnie Mullins and teacher Laurie Youngblood talking about coaching and teaching as career choices. Judge John Roach came by to talk about going into law and former Curtsinger Assistant Principal Dan Parr talked to the students about his decision to pursue a career in music and entertainment.

Career day is much more than just a day of fun speakers. Counselors and teachers use career day as a time to talk to students about the importance of choosing classes, making good grades and preparing for college or technical training.