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FISD Winners Soar at Butterfly Art Contest (April, 2008)

Lindsey Morrison Signs shirt for Laverne ForwardFISD Teachers at Butterfly ContestOnce again the Frisco art teachers and students have soared at the Butterfly Day Art Contest at EmilyAnn Theater with many Frisco ISD students winning awards and the official 2008 tee shirt displaying the art of Curtsinger student, Lindsey Morrison, who studies under Laverne Forwark.

The Butterfly Festival at Wimberley has become a Frisco Independent School District tradition.  The contest stems from 1999 when Ann and Norm Rolling decided to take a tragic situation and turn it into a “magic” situation. They lost their daughter, EmilyAnn, in an automobile accident. With boundless energy re-directed, they, with the help of their Wimberley, Texas community, built a beautiful park as an outdoor theatre for local thespians to perform at in honor of their daughter’s loved the theatre. The family and community have a great respect for all of the fine arts – including visual art. That’s where the butterflies “fly in.” Since butterflies can be a symbol of hope and renewal, they decided to add a butterfly contest and also hatch live butterflies to be released in honor of loved ones lost. So each year on the third Saturday in April, you can see tiny butterflies scurrying about the rolling hills of EmilyAnn Theatre.

Frisco started getting involved with this endeavor when EmilyAnn’s sister, Rebecca, resided in Frisco. She presented her story to the Frisco Noon Rotary Club in the attendance of Superintendent Rick Reedy and the story touched him so that he wanted the district’s art teachers to get involved.

The following students were honored for their work at this year’s event:

First Grade – Fantasy: 1st place, Brielle Bobbora, Curtsinger; 2nd place Dylan Brandon, Curtsinger; 3rd place Shelby Dugas, Ogle.

First Grade – Realism: 2nd place, Shreya Rajagopal, Borchardt; 3rd place, Abigail Fuller, Mooneyham Elementary.

Second Grade – Fantasy: 1st place, Hasan Jafri, Shawnee Trail.

Second Grade – Realism: Honorable Mention, Autumn Lucio, Shawnee Trail Elementary.

Third Grade – Fantasy: 1st Place, Jade Watson of Spears and Addison Palazzo of Bledsoe; 2nd Place ,Lindsey Diers, Sem; 3rd place, Jane Kelley,Spears; Honorable Mention, Jenna Wilt, Curtsinger, Fatima Escano of Ashley, and Emma Wells of Sparks.

Third Grade- Realism: Hanna Yetter, Mooneyham; 2nd Place Jasmine Flores, Corbell; 3rd place Khusbu Shaw, Borchardt.

Fourth Grade – Fantasy: 1st place, Cassie Moon, Mooneyham; 2nd place, Anjana Menon, Sem; 3rd place, J.T. Hanrahan, Sem; Honorable Mention, Catherine Honaker, Curtsinger.

Fourth Grade – Realism: 2nd place, Kevin Wang and Frank Deguzman, both Ogle; 3rd place, Rie Okawara and Dorothy Mantle, both Smith; Honorable Mention, Carter Kennedy, Ashley.

Fifth Grade- Fantasy: 1st Place, Donna Molavi, Pink and Rashmi Movva, Curtsinger; 2nd place, Melanie Rohena, of Boals; 3rd Place, Mackenzie Throckmorton of Mooneyham; Honorable Mention, Haley Brown of Mooneyham.

Fifth Grade – Realism: 1st place, Haley Rodriguez, Ashley; 2nd place, Ashley Zamecnik, Pink; 3rd place, Cassie Underly, Corbell; Honorable Mention, Luke Williams, Mooneyham and Leah Young, Carroll.

Sixth Grade – Fantasy: 1st place, Bianca Pery, Fowler; Sanchi Gangwani, Wester, Dillon Terry, Wester; 2nd place, Thomas Foster, Wester; 3rd place, Karly Heppes, Pioneer Heritage; Honorable Mention, Kimberly Figueroa, Griffin, and Tori Quinn, Pioneer Heritage.

Sixth Grade – Realism: 1st place, Morgan Wilkerson, Fowler; Samantha Schaefer, Wester; 2nd place, Thomas Oster, Wester; 3rd place Shannon Diesto, Wester; Honorable Mention, Jerome Zamodio and Christin Whitlock, both Roach.

Seventh Grade – Fantasy: 1st place, Casey Dunham, Staley; 2nd place, Jenna Smith, Fowler, and Vita Frechette, Wester; 3rd place, Geordyn Hoge, Taylor Brown, Max Bertrand, and Rebekah Peterson, Wester; Honorable Mention, Summer Saunders, Fowler, Taylor Hanttula, Staley, and Brook Vonderheid, Wester.

Seventh Grade – Realism: 1st place, Allie Heck, Fowler; 2nd place Ali Shahbaz, Fowler and Max Bertrand, Wester; 3rd place, Tyler Smith, Fowler and Taylor Garner, Wester; Honorable Mention, Courtney Crooks and Dani Chantry, Fowler, and Vita Frechette, Wester.

Eighth Grade – Fantasy: 1st place, Sarah Dunnivan, Staley; 2nd place, Julie Montanez, Staley, and 3rd place, Olivia Boyna, Griffin, Honorable Mention, Kenney Hornsby, Clark.

Eighth Grade – Realism: 1st place, David Kingwell, Fowler; 2nd place, Erika Moreno, Staley, and 3rd place, Scott Callens, Wester.

Ninth Grade – Fantasy: 1st placeTaylor Russell, Liberty High School and John Small of Frisco High School.

Ninth Grade – Realism: 1st place, Cynthia Liu, 2nd place Ayaka Nakatani, and 3rd place, Lauren Massey, all of Liberty High School.

Tenth Grade – Fantasy: 1st place, Carina Aquino, Liberty; 3rd place, Kibbeom Kim, Centennial High School; Honorable Mention, Cody Boone, Liberty High School and Alexis Ritvaski, Wakeland.

Tenth Grade – Realism: 1st place, Sasha Bishop, Wakeland High School and Kelsey Barnes, Frisco High School; 2nd place, Thai To, Liberty High School, 3rd place, Brinda Chellappan, Liberty High School.

Eleventh Grade – Fantasy: 3rd place, Bronwyn Larsen, Frisco High School; Honorable Mention, Mei Fan, Liberty High School.

Eleventh Grade – Realism: 1st place, Raven Dievernich, Frisco High School, 3rd place Mark Zawadowski, Liberty High School; Honorable Mention, Tekarra Humphreys, Liberty High School.

Twelfth Grade– Fantasy: 2nd place, Kris Dugenio, Frisco High School; Honorable Mention, Kristina Crain and John LeBlanc, both Frisco High School.

Twelfth Grade – Realism: 2nd place, Jen Leeper, Centennial High School, 3rd place, Tara Kern, Wakeland High School.