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Frisco Student Wins Butterfly Art Contest in Wimberley (May, 2006)

Students ranging from Elementary Level to High School had Butterfly Art selected as winning entries at the 2006 Butterfly Day Art Contest as part of the Butterfly Festival at The EmilyAnn Theatre in Wimberley, Texas according to Sydney McGee, Art Ambassador, who teaches Art at Fisher Elementary .

Frisco and Wimberley are “Sister-Cities” and Frisco ISD, thanks to Superintendent Rick Reedy, is active in the art and theater events held at The EmilyAnn Theatre. The EmilyAnn Theater is dedicated to promoting the arts for students and was founded by Ann Rolling in memory of the late Emily Ann Rolling, a Wimberley High School theater student. McGee and 20 FISD Art teachers attended the festival and represented their students at the event. The town of Wimberley was so gracious in welcoming their Frisco “relatives” with a reception on the town square thrown in their honor!

Particularly exciting is that Shawnee Trail’s Garrett Casey, a first grader, taught by Kay Benoit at Shawnee Trail Elementary, had his butterfly win 1st place in the Realism Division and be selected for next year’s promotional poster and T-shirt. Over 4,000 of these t-shirts will be autographed by Garrett at next year’s festival. He and his family will be invited down to attend the Annual Rotary Gala Ball the evening before the festival. This year’s gala featured Susan Gibson. Susan is a famous singer/songwriter that has written many songs including those for the Dixie Chicks. School districts from all over Texas take part in this annual event.

The EmilyAnn Theatre is now an accredited university venue for theater students across the United States. It is also the only outdoor theatre in the U.S. that is fashioned like the Globe Theatre in London. Interestingly, the original “Phantom” of Broadway’s Phantom of The Opera was last year’s Gala performer. He liked what was going on at The EmilyAnn Theatre so much that he left Broadway and moved his family to Wimberley, TX to help in productions. There are at least four dramas, annually, that the students actually design and make their own costumes. Star Of The Hills, Shakespeare Under The Stars, Joseph And The Technicolor Coat are just a few of those held annually.

The annual butterfly festival is held each year on the 3rd Saturday of April and is promoted in Texas Highways, Hill Country Reporter –Bob Phillips, and our very own Fox 4 News Jeff Crilley. Butterflies are released on Saturday morning at the festival, in rememberance of those that were lost during the year. Those butterflies were grown in the classrooms as an integration of Arts/Science. The caterpillars and future butterflies are grown in cages that are underwritten by Frisco Rotary businesses.

Winners include:
First and Second Grade – Realism:
First Place - Garrett Casey, Shawnee Trail, 1st grade and Tiffany Kim, also a first grader at Shawnee Trail
Second Place – Cole Baker, Shawnee Trail, first grade and Megan Soulakis, Isbell Elementary, 2nd grade
Third Place – Neeti Shah, Borchardt Elementary, 1st grade

First and Second Grade – Fantasy
First Place – Rachel Tew, Curtsinger Elementary, 2nd grade and Heather Birdsong, Riddle Elementary, 2nd grade
Second Place – Rittka Pandey, Anderson Elementary, 2nd grade and Alex Brown, Riddle Elementary, 2nd grade
Third Place – Madison Thornton, Shawnee Trail Elementary, 1st grade and Able Sen, Isbell Elementary, 2nd grade.

Third and Fourth Grade – Realism
First Place – Madeline Horvath, Smith Elementary, 4th grade
Second Place – So Yeon Uhm, Borchardt Elementary, 4th grade
Third Place – Aneri Shah, Borchardt Elementary, 4th grade

Third and Fourth Grade – Fantasy
Best of Show – Carley DeFlice, Curtsinger Elementary, 4th grade
First Place – Aneri, Shaw, Borchardt Elementary, 1st place and McKenzie Sanders, Bright Elementary, 3rd grade.
Second Place – Salma Reyes, Bright Elementary, 3rd grade and Jayon McAfee, Curtsinger Elementary, 3rd grade
Third Place – Kaitlin Johnson, Curtsinger Elementary, 3rd grade and Maggie Na, Anderson Elementary, 4th grade

Fifth and Sixth Grade – Realistic
First Place – Libby Blasingame, Clark Middle School, 6th grade
Second Place – Marcelo Palamos, Clark Middle School, 6th grade
Third Place – Jenna Renfroe, Griffin Middle School, 6th grade,Lauren Jones, Spears Elementary, 5th grade, and Connor Kirk, Spears Elementary, 5th grade.

Fifth and Sixth Grade – Fantasy

First Place – Avery McCain, Curtsinger Elementary, fifth grade, Alex Arisco, Pink Elementary School, 5th grade and Amberly Schcwalbe, Fisher Elementary, 5th grade.
Second Place – Caitlyn Wolf, Spears Elementary, 5th grade, Aubrey Dodge, Spears Elementary, 5th grade; and Zachary Trebilcock, Spears Elementary, 5th grade.
Third Place - Terra Chang, Curtsinger Elementary, 5th grade.

Seventh and Eighth Grade - Realism
First Place – Karen Lindquist, Staley Middle School, 7th grade and Collin Armstrong, Staley Middle School, 7th grade.
Second Place – Blanca Goona, Staley Middle School, 7th grade and Sasha Bishop, Griffin Middle School, 8th grade.
Third Place – Ryan Strait, Staley Middle School, 8th grade.

Seventh and Eighth Grade – Fantasy
First Place – Alysia Chen, Wester Middle School, 7th grade, Ash Cox, Wester Middle School, 8th grade; Stephanie Burnestt, Wester Middle School, 7th grade.
Second Place – Jenny Shin, Clark Middle School, 7th grade; Gilbert Basconcelos, Wester Middle School, 7th grade.
Third Place – Parker Nielsen, Griffin Middle School, 7th grade.

Ninth Grade Fantasy
Best of Show – Rebecca Yan, Frisco High School,
First Place – Nicki Swann, Frisco High School
Second Place – K. Richardson, Frisco High School; B. Cunningham, Frisco High School, and Ryan Almanza, Frisco High School.
Third Place – Cortney Krum, Frisco High School.

Tenth Grade – Realism
First Place – Hanna Frick – Frisco High School

Adult – Fantasy
Second Place – Malinda Colvin of Smith Elementary
Adult Mixed Media
Third Place – Stephany Kennedy of Pink Elementary