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Teacher’s Lesson in Love Continues for Two Years (November, 2006)

A few years ago Ginger Morrison had Shelby Hill in her third grade class at Bright Elementary. Ms. Morrison shared with class that she had decided to grow her hair long enough to donate to Locks of Love, a program that provides human hair for wigs for children who have undergone chemotherapy. Shelby was so moved she decided to join her teacher in the program. During the past few years, Shelby has grown into quite the young lady and Ms. Morrison and her husband have had two children and moved to Weatherford, Texas. Recently the former teacher and student met up at Snip-its in Plano to see their dream come true. Each had at least ten inches of hair cut off and donated.

As the beauticians separated their hair into sections with rubber bands, both were a little apprehensive about having short hair after so many years. Shelby looked at her shortened hair and exclaimed in shock and burst into giggles. Her mother said she looked more like she had in third grade. Ms. Morrison said her husband was prepared for her new look. With a young toddler and a three-week-old baby at home, she was wondering how she would adjust to shorter hair. “I’m used to just putting it back in a pony tail,” she said.

But the student and teacher both went through with their agreement and were laughing with each other when the hair was put into bags to be sent away. Ms. Morrison taught her final lesson for her Frisco students, the importance of seeing a project through to the end. And she taught Shelby Hill the lesson of caring for others and the importance of keeping a promise.