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Spotlight on Board Member Dan Mossakowski

Dan MossakowskiDan Mossakowski, 41, is no stranger to change.

He has lived in many places and could have chosen anywhere to live when he and his wife, Sally, chose Frisco.

An Army brat, Mossakowski spent his first 2 ½ years in Germany. His family moved to Copperas Cove, Texas, for three years (which is where he met Sally at the age of 5!) and then moved back to Germany for three more years. When his dad retired, they came back to Copperas Cove and moved to College Station Dan’s junior year in high school. He graduated from A&M Consolidated and attended Blinn College before entering the Air Force. His basic training was in San Antonio and then he went to technical school in Biloxi. As he enlisted in October of 1982, he knew he wanted to marry Sally before he began active duty. They secretly married that October and then had a church ceremony for everyone in May of 1983!

He was stationed in North Dakota and during that first Christmas, the temperature dipped to 96 degrees below zero. Although the people were some of the nicest he had ever met, after four years it was time to get back to Texas! Out of the service in 1987, they moved to Austin and he worked for a few months as a car salesman before joining the UPS team. He worked with them until 1995 and then came to the Dallas area (Carrollton) to work for IKON. In 1997 they moved to Frisco. Dan said they had spent two years driving all over North Texas looking at schools. In 1995, Curtsinger was new and he and Sally were impressed with the spirit of the schools and the caring attitude of the teachers when they visited. Not wanting to make a snap decision, they continued their search and found themselves returning to Curtsinger two years later. They found that same warm, lively environment and knew Frisco ISD was the place for them to raise their three children.

While in Frisco, Dan and Sally have given many hours to the community through church, youth sports and PTA. Many people know Dan through Sally, and he finds it amusing when she says that some find him intimidating.

“They know Sally is sweet and caring,” he says, “but I guess my size (he stands well over 6 feet tall) makes me seem less approachable.”

When Dan began to think of more ways to be of service to the community, he knew that school board was the ticket.

“I certainly felt led to do this and knew that I could help take the district to the next level,” Dan said. When Dan Presley’s seat on the Board came open, he knew the time was right.

Dan says the biggest eye-opener for him has been the amount of effort and work that has been put into getting FISD where it is and in keeping it moving forward to continuous improvement.

“So much is going on, on any given day,” he said. “I have had to absorb a great deal of information.”

It is important to him that the community is committed to smaller schools, which helps to keep the focus on the kids and on helping them succeed. Smaller schools allow students more opportunities for growth and participation.

And for the district to continue being successful, he says we must keep working on building relationships between all those involved – parents, teachers, administrators, etc.

“With the commitment of one, we are good; with two working together, we are better; with all of us on board, we can be great,” Dan said.