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Curtsinger and Smith Elementaries Candidates for Blue Ribbon School Designation (March, 2006)

Both Curtsinger Elementary and Smith Elementary have been officially nominated as candidates for Blue Ribbon School Designation. Frisco Independent School District and representatives of both campuses were honored at a banquet in Austin hosted by the Texas Education Association. News of the campuses selected for the designation will be announced in September.

From left, Curtsinger Elementary Principal Debbie Boyce is joined by members of her Curtsinger team, Michelle Jaynes, reading recovery teacher, Sally Walden, special education teacher, and Janice Scott, school librarian, as the school is honored for its nomination as a candidate for the designation of a Blue Ribbon School. Joining the Curtsinger team are FISD’s Assistant Superintendent Debra Nelson, Education Commissioner Shirley Neeley, Superintendent Rick Reedy, and Don McLeroy, vice chairman of the state board of education.   From left, Smith Elementary teachers Lisa Embry, Nicole Johnson and Sherri DeBacher and Principal Matt Kimball are joined by Education Commissioner Shirley Neeley and FISD’s Assistant Superintendent Linda Bass, Superintendent Rick Reedy and Assistant Superintendent Richard Wilkinson as Smith is honored for its nomination as a candidate for the coveted Blue Ribbon designation.