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Bledsoe Fourth and Fifth Graders Get the Scoop on Weather Watching (November, 2005)

Greg Fields, meteorologist with WFAA Channel 8Greg Fields, meteorologist with WFAA Channel 8 met with fourth and fifth grade students from Calvin Bledsoe Elementary on October 28 to explain to the students the hard work that goes into becoming a meteorologist and to show them some of scientific instruments he uses as part of his job.

The Bledsoe students have been studying weather in their classrooms as part of the state science requirements and were well prepared for their well-known guest, said Jamie Flemmer, fourth grade teacher at Bledsoe.

The students were very interested in the prediction of storms, hurricanes and tornadoes, she said. Fields told stories of storms about which he has reported, did drawings and shared a number of weather facts to educate the students.

Fields visit was part of the Channel 8 Weather Minds program, an educational tool provided to schools by the television station.