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FISD Psychologist and Co-Author Win Literary Award (June, 2008)

Ruth Aspy, a Frisco Independent School District school psychologist who serves on the district’s autism team, is one of the winners of the literary award of the year from the Autism Society of America.

Aspy and Barry Grossman are the authors of The Ziggurat Model: A Framework for Designing Comprehensive Interventions for Individuals with High-functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome. 

This groundbreaking work gives educators a tool to help create research-based interventions that match the individual student’s needs. The formal presentation of the award to Aspy and Grossman will take place in Florida in July at the National Conference and Expo on Autism.

FISD is already implementing the Ziggurat Model for planning for students identified with autism, according to Debbie Lair, of the FISD Special Education Department.