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Ashley Students Enjoy Vocabulary Parade (April, 2008)

Ashley Student at Vocabulary ParadeExtravagant!  Glitter!  Gaudy!  Princess!  These could be words to describe television and movie superstars, but they were actually words that marched in Ashley Elementary’s first Vocabulary parade.  This event, an inspiration from the book Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster, had everything including a parade marshal and a surprise guest.

After listening to the story of a girl who takes an embarrassing mistake on a vocabulary assignment and turns it into a golden opportunity at the school vocabulary parade, Ashley second and third grade students found words to illustrate on a poster.  Many students then took those words home and created costumes and props to carry in the parade.

Michelle Mayo, librarian and parade marshal, led the parade around the school demonstrating “Miscalculate” with an incorrect calculator.  Also in the parade, second grade teacher Marilyn Rogers “regally” walked the halls in her sequins and tiara.  Janet Cooksey, Second grade teacher, was “entangle” into the parade with extension cords wrapped around her body.  Students were surprised with the guest appearance of the Liberty High School Baseball team and their coach Scott McGarrh as they illustrated the word “Team.”

Second and third grade students paraded up and down the halls showing off their words.  At the end of the parade each class selected their “Best in class.”  The group burst with excitement, as these students were given the opportunity to march across the stage as their words and definitions were read out loud at the Friday assembly.  “The parade exceeded my expectations.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids really had a good time with it,”  third grade teacher, Leanne Crane said after the parade.