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Ashley Running Club Keeps Kids Fit (May, 2008)

Members of the Ashley Running ClubRunning 26.2 miles is not only marathon distance, but the end-of-the-year goal for the Ashley Running Club.   Students run on Tuesday mornings from 7:30-7:50 around the school grounds with a goal of completing 26.2 miles before the end of the school year. The club is designed to help Ashley students improve their cardiovascular endurance, increase self-confidence, and understand the importance of staying fit.  Ashley Elementary currently has 49 students in the club.

Tammy Savage, a grandparent volunteer, posted a running chart in the café that displays each runner’s mileage totals.  Savage gives students different colored beads to tie to their shoestrings as they achievement mileage goals. She also donated t-shirts and water bottles to each runner.    “This is so rewarding for me to see the kids develop and enjoy how many times they can run around the school.  Seeing the changes in them; it’s exciting,” said Savage.

Since the team began running in December, many of the students have reached the 10 mile mark.  Savage hopes to start back up at the beginning of the ’08-’09 school year.  “If the students have a full year, hopefully more of them can make the 26.2 mile mark,” said Savage.  Principal Kathy Kazanski added her support to the club, “We are excited to have such a dedicated group of children learning to love running.”