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Ashley Students Studey Arthur Books by Marc Brown (March, 2008)

First grade students at Ashley Elementary enjoyed a fun day learning about Marc Brown, the author of the famous Arthur series.  The first grade teachers visited each classroom and shared a Marc Brown book.  Students discussed story elements:  characters, setting, problem and solution.   Students enjoyed reading Arthur Writes a Story, Arthur’s Eyes, Arthur’s Valentine, and Arthur, Lost and Found.

After each story, students discussed the story and were involved in a variety of activities.  Students learned that Marc Brown is both the author and illustrator of the Arthur series.  They then explored how to draw Arthur step by step.  First graders discovered how Marc Brown’s characters have changed from the first books that he wrote into the Arthur known and loved in today’s books and television series.   Students made Valentine cards and also created a list of what to do when you get lost.

Arthur isn’t the only main character by Marc Brown.  His sister, D.W., has also starred in several books.  Students listed seashore animals and played Seashore Concentration after reading D.W. All Wet.  Students had a great time learning about Marc Brown and the Arthur series of books.