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Family Game Night Brings Old-fashioned Fun to School (December, 2007)

Livan Martinez and Lauren Mayo play Mouse TrapOperation, Pay Day, Chess, Hopscotch, Battleship, Life, and more.  It sounds like a holiday wish list, but these were just a few of the games students were able to play at the Ashley Elementary Family Game night.  Families gathered in the cafeteria to play different games provided by the Ashley Staff, or they could bring their favorite game from home to share with friends.

Teachers and students battled it out playing Battleship, and enjoyed the intricate details of Mousetrap.  All week during announcements teachers would share with the school their favorite game.  Friday night, they could all be seen sharing these childhood favorites with the many students and parents that attended this event.

When their appetite for game planning was out weighed by their hunger, hot dogs, popcorn, and drinks were available in the gym.   Ashley’s motto for the year was played out at Family game night:  “Bring you’re ‘A’ game at Ashley.” 

Shown above:

Ashley Kindergartener Livan Martinez shows 4-year-old Lauren Mayo how to catch the mouse in Mouse Trap at Family Game Night.