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Channel 11 Meteorologist Jeff Jamison Visits Ashley Elementary 1st Graders (November, 2006)

First graders at Ashley Elementary got the “inside scoop” on meteorology as Jeff Jamison, meteorologist for Channel 11 News, paid the First Grade classrooms a visit.   He filled their minds with many weather facts and information, such as:  what fog really is, what the “viper system” is, how important it is to listen to the meteorologists when they break into the regular scheduled programming, and the fact that flooding is the bad weather that hurts and kills the most people. 

Jamison discussed the importance of “Turn around.  Don’t drown!” when deciding whether or not to pass through a flooded area.  He taught the students that it’s ALWAYS  better to turn around.  He also gave the students a view of “behind the scenes” at Channel 11 by showing a video of what happens daily on a newscast.

Jamison also taught the first graders the importance of listening for thunder.  He told them that the sound lightning makes is thunder, so even if they don’t see lightning, they are to go inside and take cover, as lightning is present. 

Lastly, Mr. Jamison taught the students how to “make it rain”.  While some first graders closed their eyes, some students rubbed their hands together, some snapped their fingers, a group stomped their feet, and the last group patted their thighs.  The first graders created rain right in their own school!  The students thoroughly enjoyed his visit, and now have a better understanding of weather and how it affects each and every one of us on a daily basis.